Your child’s first birthday party is an exciting milestone to be celebrated by family and friends. Although your little one may not be aware of what is going on, or even remember this special day, the memories you will gain will stay with you for a lifetime. When you consider invitations, party decorations, party themes, food and drink, who to invite, entertainment and venue, it can get a little overwhelming. In order to make baby’s first birthday a magical and enjoyable experience for all, here are a few simple pieces of advice to point you in the right direction.

Choose a Location

The location tends to depend on budget, time of the year, and size of the party. For most first birthday parties, home is the ideal location. It is inexpensive and convenient, and baby can easily take a nap if it all gets a little overwhelming. However, for those who may live in a small apartment, or if the guest list is large, there are many other options. Weather permitting, the local park or zoo is an option. For cost savings, you can use Grandma’s home, and for larger venues you can always use the local church hall or community centre. For something a little extravagant, there are many child-themed restaurants that do amazing catering for birthday parties.

Who to Invite

Your child’s first birthday party often tends to be as much about the adults as it is about the little ones. When considering who to invite, take into consideration your little one’s personality. Is baby sociable, one who enjoys being around lots of people, or does baby get a bit overwhelmed with lots of faces, noise and commotion? At this age, children don’t tend to interact with each other the way older toddlers do. When inviting other young children, be clear in the invitation to invite parents and their children.

Choose a Theme

First birthday party themes are a great way to make the day memorable. A theme can be as simple as colour-coordinated balloons and party decorations, or it can be as extravagant as a dress-up party. No matter what type of theme you decide on, choose your decorations to suit your theme and budget.

A Few Final Tips

Rope in some reliable friends or family to help you out on the day. Preparing food, putting up decorations, taking photos, and keeping everything running smoothly can be tiring if left to only one person. Keep pets, expensive ornaments, and choking hazards out of the way, have plenty of toys available to suit the younger guests, and don’t be afraid to put your little one down for a nap if it is all getting a bit too much. Most importantly, be sure to relax and enjoy yourself, giving yourself plenty of time to spend with your child on this special day.

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Credit: Image provided by Matthew Wilkinson from Flickr’s Creative Commons