A bridal shower party is a celebration of family and friends to honor the bride to be before her big day. Planning a bridal shower is just like planning any other type of observance of a remarkable event. The plan is to only get married once. Therefore, any type of activity surrounding exchanging vows should be significant. Planning the perfect bridal shower takes effort, innovation and work. It is definitely worth the effort to share with the bride how much you care and a great gift to share with a bride that is particularly notable in your life. Plan the perfect bridal shower with a little help.

There are professional party planning services that can organize and arrange a bridal shower for a fee. Though, having a friend or family member give the gift of a shower adds a personal touch.  

One of the most important things in planning a bridal shower is surrounding the bride with feelings of love and friendship. These are planning tips for the best bridal shower.

Set a date

The date of the bridal shower should be far enough ahead of the wedding as to not interfere with other responsibilities that the bride or the groom will have with their big day. One of the best tips for setting the bridal shower date is a couple of months before the wedding date for the perfect bridal shower.

Depending on the number of guests that you are inviting it is ideal to send out your invites as soon as possible. Four to six weeks ahead of time is ideal to make it easier for guests to arrange their schedule around the bridal shower date. This is especially true if there are out-of-town guests coming.

You can send email invites or snail mail. Many bridal shower planners like the idea of using regular postal service for a special invite that highlights the shower theme. Have the place and time selected and detailed on the invite. A couple of hours maximum are the typical norm for a bridal shower.

RSVP is wonderful for organizing the amount of guests as well as food and drink. If children are better left at home, share this info on the invite so no awkward moments occur at the door.

Bridal shower themes and ideas

The bride is the centerpiece for a bridal shower them and ideas. The bride’s personality, her likes, dislikes, even sense of humor can help with unique themes surrounding the bridal shower. Is she a cook, what does she do for a living? Does she have a favorite movie or place in the world? Bridal shower etiquette means making the bride as comfortable as possible. Avoid anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. Considered all of these thoughts when you select a theme.

Décor for the bridal shower

The shower can have as much decorations or as few as you would like. Flowers are always a nice touch. Having bouquets or a nice centerpiece is a personal touch. Have her favorites since this is a voyage to her big day and all attention will be fixated on the bride at the bridal shower.

A color theme is nice to have and makes for a more visually appealing celebration. Party stores have an enormous supply of decorations for bridal showers and are an inexpensive way to decorate. With flowers and balloons surrounding the selected theme you are ready to go.

Food and drink

Plan your menu when you send out invites. Your menu will depend on whether access to hot food is available for guests, what time of day the shower is taking place or if the bride has a special menu request.

Finger friendly recipes are extremely popular. Bridal showers have also been known to play out as a barbecue depending on the hostess and bride.  

Bridal shower games are generally played while guests mingle and eat. Have these planned ahead of time. Make them fun and easy to understand.

Having food that joins the party theme is a great idea. A cake or other special dessert around the theme is a must have for nearly any party celebration. The cake can be substituted for other desert items such as cupcakes or fruit in designed for a unique bridal shower idea.

Party favors

Even though guests are bringing the bride gifts, as a party host send guests home with a small party favor. Mini flower pots with a small plant are nice. Even a little fruit basket with apples, oranges and bananas wrapped in decorative paper or plastic with bridal shower colors are cute. A container of taffy or box of chocolate dipped strawberries is also cute and creative bridal shower ideas. If you would like connect your desert with party favors consider giving away cupcakes as guests leave.

These are bridal shower party planning ideas that work to make a special day even more special for a bride to be. As a host always have consideration for the bride’s wishes when making any type of changes or decisions surrounding the bridal shower. More than anything having the bride happy and satisfied with the celebration is important. Marriage only happens once in a lifetime and making it an occasion to remember is a wonderful responsibility.