Couple on vacation
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Couple on vacation

Tips for Planning a Vacation for Two

A vacation is the perfect opportunity for a couple to spend quality time together. It is also a great way for a couple to solidify the bond between them by taking time out of normal routines to focus on one another. For couples who live together it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day details and lose track of spending time together. A trip is a great way for these couples to reconnect. For couples who don't live together and/or are in a relatively new relationship, a trip together can be a good way for a duo to see just how compatible they are with one another. Planning a vacation for is a good way to get to know one another better.

Whether you are in an established partnership or developing a new relationship, there are several aspects of your trip to consider thinking about as you make your plans.

Select a Location Together

If you and your partner have differing ideas of what makes up the ideal trip, it is a good idea to decide the location together and come to an agreement before you move to the next stage of planning. If one partner chooses the location and the other is miserable with the pick, this may doom the trip before it even starts. Along with location should be method of travel. Will it be a road trip or will the two of you be flying to your destination? (Do one of you get carsick or have a fear of flying?)

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It is  best to be on the safe side and talk about these items before you get into the actual planning stage. Be sure to choose a destination and method of travel that is mutually attractive to both of you. Ideally, it is often a good idea to pick a place that has a variety of things to do and see. If this is your first trip together you may find yourselves with awkward moments if there are few places to go and little to do. Even married couples may find themselves not able to get out of the normal routines if there isn't enough variety to mix things up a bit.

Talk About Expenses Beforehand

One of the biggest conflicts that arise in relationships is related to finances. Whether you are married or dating, it is a good idea to get this discussion out of the way before you book any arrangements. Married couples should mutually decide how much they can afford to spend before they plan their trip. This way any conflicts with the household budget can be addressed before becoming a serious issue. If one person overspends and the expenses far exceed what is affordable, this is going to cause friction and possibly resentment over the long-term.

For dating couples, unless one party has made it crystal clear the trip is a gift or that he or she intends to pay for all or part of the expenses, it is a good idea to jointly decide how the costs will be split. If you do this ahead of time it eliminates any awkward moments later on while on the trip.


Where you stay will be an important consideration to agree on. Do you want a place which is chock full of activity or do you prefer something more quiet? Stay in a hotel or a more private rental? It is important for a couple to agree on the type of lodging before making plans because the location you choose to stay at can make or break your trip if there is conflict because one party isn't happy.

Another aspect is to consider is rooming. For instance, couples who are married or living together stay in the same room so there is no question about getting a room in the same location in a hotel (or rental home/condo). Dating couples have to determine how they want to room because one (or both) members of a newly dating couple may not feel comfortable sharing a room. If you fall into the latter category it is wise to discuss this with your mate before booking lodging. As a couple you should mutually agree upon if you'll need one room or two. A surprise is probably not the best way to go because a wrong decision could cause serious awkwardness in both the trip and possibly even the relationship.

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One bed or two? For some couples this is an easy decision, but not for everyone.

Plan the Itinerary Together

Surprises are fun, but you also want to share trip ideas to make sure you're both happy with the planned daily events. As you prepare your trip be sure and talk to your partner about what kinds of activities they want to do and the sites they're longing to visit.

When you jointly plan the itinerary there are no disappointments and you both have input on the things you'll want to see and do. As a result you'll design a trip that will contain the best of both worlds. This discussion enables you to compromise which will make for a more enjoyable trip and at the same time strengthen your relationship due to the strong level of communication and collaboration.


The ability to compromise is important in a relationship and this goes for trip-planning too. If you want to hit the night life in the evenings and your partner prefers quiet romantic dinners, you're likely going to fall into conflict. Same thing if you are a night owl and your mate is an early bird. You can easily avoid this by setting up compromises where perhaps one day you'll do it your way and the next your partner's. If anything, it'll spice up your trip with variety. By making concessions to be considerate of each other's wants and needs, this will help contribute to the two of you having a successful trip.

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If this is the first time the two of you are spending non-stop time together, a trip could really impact your relationship or set the tone for the direction your relationship will go. You may discover that you can't live without one another or you may realize that you aren't as compatible as you'd originally hoped.

For many married couples it is difficult to find "alone time", and a trip is an ideal way to rectify this situation. A couple vacation is a perfect way to reconnect and rediscover one another and to experience the things that made you fall in love in the first place.

Whatever the status of your relationship, the key to a successful trip is to communicate. If you can successfully discuss and plan your trip together to where it agreeable to both of you, you'll have a wonderful time and create some fabulous memories together.