Woodworking machines such as spindle moulders and planer thicknessers are multipurpose, designed to perform several functions. Planer thicknesser is a professional machine suitable for small to mid-sized workshops. It is built for the heavy wear and tear encountered in professional workshops.

These days, there are many models on the market. We are going to look specifically at the MOReTENS H 410 Planer/Thicknesser and Hammer A3 31 Planer-Thicknesser.

The MOReTENS H 410 Planer Thicknesser is great and it works very quietly, smoothly, and efficiently. It has side moulders fitted to the main table which enables it to be used as a conventional planer thicknesser, a planer thicknesser, and moulding machine or a combined thicknesser and two-sided moulding machine. The engine that powers this machine is very powerful and also quite loud.

This machine is very popular with carpenters and woodworkers. They love the ease of use and performance. The H 410 has a very strong and robust fence that can be adjusted to any angle. The guard is sprung-loaded to allow you to plane up to 75mm (2.95 inch) thick stock. The graduated handle adjusts the thicknessing table with its depth scale at the side of the table. The depth of cut for planing is adjusted by the lock and lever mechanism. The H 410 Panel Combined Thicknesser and 2 – sided Moulder is so much smaller and lighter. It gives a remarkably smooth finish. This machine hardly knows any limitations.

The general structure of this machine is very simple. The H 410 will plane up to 310mm (12.2 inches) wide with a thicknessing capacity of 410mm (16.14 inches) wide and 260mm (10.24 inches) deep. With only one dust extraction outlet the cast iron planer table requires no mechanical change between planing and thicknessing allowing one simple continuous operation. This machine is very versatile, useful, and essential for various industries such as woodworking, woodcarving, wood door carving etc. With so many useful attachments, you can use it for almost everything.

This planer thicknesser is also very useful if you are limited on space and looking to save room. With an excellent built quality, performance, and superb finish the Moretens machines are the excellent value for money and could be the best investment you ever make. Their innovative multifunctional design can make them ideal investment for the small and medium sized workshops. This planer thicknesser can give flexibility and reduced processing tMOReTENS H 410 Planer Thicknesserime needed to complete in today's competitive market place. Overall, this machine is very reliable and easy to use.

Other relevant features include tilting fence (0 – 45 degrees), 1 dust extraction outlet, and two 3kw high-performance motors.

Hammer A3 31 Planer-Thicknesser is a compact machine but with heavy duty construction, designed for the professional workshop. The finest precision mechanical parts and the most advanced electronics are built in. Now it is easier than ever for woodworkers and woodcrafters to get a perfect finish on every project. The planer thicknesser houses, despite its minimal space requirements, all the functions that a modern machine should have. It has an optional rolling carriage for use in small workshops.

Its solid construction and cast iron planer tables with solid bracing ensures a long life, maximum precision, durability, and sturdiness. This is a special machine for maximum performance.
Hammer A3 31 Planer-Thicknesser
Planer thicknesser table length is 1400mm (55.12 inches) and can be enlarged up to 3000mm (118.11 inches) with extensions. Planing width is 310mm (12.2 inches). Planer fence can be used on the entire planing width. And the long aluminum planer fence can be tilted continuously to any angle up to 45 degrees.

Simple adjustment of the depth of cut can be made up to 4mm (0.16 inches). The planer thicknesser can easily and quickly be converted from surface planing to thicknessing (within seconds). And simple adjustment for stock can be made from 4mm (0.16 inches) to 225mm (8.86 inches) thickness.

Thicknesser table can be locked for improved performance. Also, a feeding unit for mortising can be switched off. It features an optional digital gauge for adjusting the planer thicknesser table. This machine is easy to use allowing easy adjustment of all components. Planer knives can be changed in seconds. The 3-knife self-setting cutter block system enables knife changes in seconds without further adjustments. This is a compact, precise, sturdy, and user friendly machine. It comes with a dust extraction connector with 120mm diameter for easy connection to a dust collection system.

Safety devices ensure maximum safety while working. And the results are always perfect. Planing heavy and long work pieces is completely unproblematic with table extension by Hammer. Precisely guided work pieces guarantee perfect results. Table extension on the planer thicknesser table is meant for long and heavy work pieces. Maximum thicknessing width 306mm (12.05 inches) and maximum thicknessing height is 225mm (8.86 inches). This makes it the best in its class.