With all the talk of 2012 doomsday theories people are becoming concerned? From religion prophecies to science, from ancient calendars to ancient history, every arrow is pointing to December 2012 and screaming it's something about this day. National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) is sounding a alarm but the only who seem to notice are the ones paying attention. It has been reported that recently NASA found some very disturbing time sensitive information.

First lets look at the recent history of our climate. I'm not at all implying these are all the events, but to name a few, in 2004 a tsunami hit and killed at least 230,000 people, in 2005 there was a hurricane that hit New Orleans and killed thousands. In 2006 there were major mud slides in the Philippines. In 2008 a Cyclone called Nargis hit in Myanmar killing 147,000 people. In 2010 there have been terrible quakes in Haiti and Chile. And of course there have been volcano eruptions as a side effect of the quakes. The facts are all the natural disasters have increases significantly in last 20 years and this is not even all the natural disasters. All this climate activity has not some Scientists asking some very important questions.

It is said that the world's government's are working around the clock to prepare for a huge 2012 crisis. If so they are keeping it to themselves to more than likely keep from global panic. Government may realize they can't save us, there's not enough time. I would hate to assume any other reason. How much have you heard on the subject of 2012 on the media, I haven't heard not much at all, unless its handled as a myth despite all the historic and scientific evidence proving reason for concern. To understand why you have not heard about this possible coming crisis, you have to understand who controls the media, and whether these people would be used to cover up the crisis to prevent world panic? Back in 1999 the Y2K bug was on every channel and talked about plenty in the media. Anything to get the worlds attention on the subject, but this time you hear nothing. But we don't hear much serious talk on the media, to busy checking up on Lindsay Lohan. There is evidence ringing the alarm of possible trouble headed our way. If the Doomsday theory of 2012 could be disproved they would have done it by now or at least attempted to. In the past few years the climate has gone from global warming, to global cooling, to earthquakes, to volcanoes, to tornadoes, and hurricanes. Earths climate has been showing unusual increases in ALL natural disasters, as if there is a cause of the continuing changes. Are these events leading somewhere?

Planet X is suppose to be the 11th planet of our solar system. Its known to be triple Earth's size. Some believe it's not a planet but a brown dwarf, a brown dwarf is a massive ball of dust and gas that almost succeeded in becoming a Star. Planet X has a huge orbit. Experts say is if this planet is in fact headed our it will trigger earthquakes, Volcanoes, and massive tsunamis. If Planet X passes Earth in 2012 it will kick the Earth's axis over pushing Africa to the pole and Antarctica to the equator.

Ancient history show the possibility that this planet has passed us twice, and for 3 days there was no Sun. Ancient history suggest if Planet X passes Earth the Earth stops rotating and possibly begin rotating the opposite direction, (the same direction as Planet X) , but the water and crust continue moving. This will cause a shift in magnetic poles from reversing Earths direction or rotation. Continents or portions thrust up and down. Crust settles into its new stable position. All the water returns or settles in its new locations. Then, nuclear winter, and every volcano on Earth erupts to the extreme lasting hundreds to thousands of years. Other names Planet X is known by is Nibiru, Marduk, The Ottawa Object, Vulcan, and Transpluto. Experts suggest it has been passed our planet before giving a explanation to the known pass mass extinctions on Earth. It's orbit is predicted to last 3,600 yrs around the Sun. Its mass could be triple the mass of Jupiter.

The Geophysical Locations being predicted as safe zones are off every coastline in the world, and far inland and or high up. The government is rumored, (excuse me its not a rumor, I saw the bunkers myself on Jesse Venture's Conspiracy Theory Show), to have been building underground structures since 1984 with storage of food, supplies, and protection. They are also rumored to be prepared for riots and chaos with about 600 concentration camps in the US, that's 12 per state. Per new world maps by Gordon Michael Scallion and Lori Toye, the western US will be underwater. Most others will die of chaos and famine. Let's not just throw our hands up and give up.