A Holiday Buffet
Credit: southernliving.com


The holiday's are a tough time for everyone. Everyone is so busy and planning a Christmas party requires even more work and time. Fortunately, you can save lots of time and money by following the steps and tips in this guide.


THe first thing you'll need to do is in lite people to your party. You could send out greeting cards in the mail or save money by simply calling or emailing the people. When you invite people be sure to tell them the following:

  • Location of the party (your house or someone elses?
  • Date & time of the party
  • When guests need to RSVP by
  • What to bring ( a present, dish, etc.)
  • Attire (casual, formal, etc.)
  • Who's invited (kids, adults, friends, etc.)
  • What entertainment will be at the party
  • Anything else you think you need to include


You'll need a lot of decorations for a Christmas party. You'll want to have a good scent for the house. Special holiday soaps, candles, and sprays will do the trick. You'll want some wall decorations such as banners as well as balloons also. In the corner of your living room you'll want a big Christmas tree with lots of ornaments on it. You can also have smaller Christmas trees throughout the house on tables. Hang Christmas light outside and inside. Add some garland to add that holiday feel.

Once you've added your decorations you'll want to create a nice holiday feel for when people are eating. A holiday tablecloth is a must. Add some candles to the table to light up when you serve that holiday dinner. Buy a set of holiday plates, silverware, napkins, and cups.

The Meal

For the meal you'll want to have a buffet full of food. Include popular family dishes in your buffet of food. If you'd like to create a theme then have a buffet full of food from a specific country. His is ideal for families who want to celebrate traditions since Christmas is the time to get together. One alternative option is to have each guest bring a dish to the party. This makes it easier for you and guests will be able to try a variety of dishes.

You'll also need drinks in addition to the meal. Include things such as special holiday drinks, wine, juice, a punch bowl, milk, bottled water, and coffee.


To save time you could buy desserts from the bakery or grocery store. Otherwise you'll want to make them yourself to save money. Assorted platters of fruits & vegetables, candies, cookies, trail mix, bowls of snacks (chips, pretzels, etc.), brownies, a cake, pies, and cupcakes are good options. You don't have to have all of these to have a good dessert but you'll want a few of these. If you are hosting your party in the morning then you'll want an assort went of pastries, doughnuts, and bagels.. This could also be good for dessert.

To go with the dessert you'll want some beverages. Coffee, egg nog, milk, tea, juice, apple cider, and hot chocolate are popular options. You have many options. Not everyone likes egg nog and apple cider but it should be a choice since it only comes out during the holidays and harvest season.


Story telling and give giving are popular ways to entertain your guests. Dedicate a time to read stories to kids or pop in a movie while adults talk and socialize with people who they don't see often. T'was the night before Christmas, rodolph, the Grinch who stole Christmas, etc. are popular choices. Since this is one of the biggest parties of the year you'll most likely have guests who traveled far just to see everyone. These people will want to talk and mingle with one another. Allow some time for this.

Gift giving is the other big thing that people do around the holidays. Come up with a creative way to exchange gifts with each other. One fun gift giving game to play is when you put all of the gifts in one pile. Then each guest draws a number out of a jar or hat. The person who drew number one goes first. This person chooses a gift. Then the next person can either choose a gift from the pile or steal someone else's gift. Once everyone has a gift, allow everyone to open their gifts. When planning this, set a limit on how much must be spent on a gift (ie: $10, $15, $25, etc.) 

Ending The Party

At the end of the party you can choose to give party favors as a thank you gift for coming to your party. Just include a couple of low-cost items in a bag then give it to everyone on their way out. Candles are always a popular gift. Wrap up the party and end the conversation by telling people to stay in touch, good night, and telling them to drive safely. Guests should have had a good time and your party should be a success.