Inform Guests Of Garden Wedding On Your Invitations

Garden Wedding Favours Could Compliment The Occasion

Picking The Right Day

A garden wedding is beautiful and breath taking but there is a lot of work that goes into creating such beautiful scenery. The first step in planning a beautiful garden wedding is picking the right day. You don't want to pick a day that it will rain a lot and you do not want to pick a day with heavy winds. Days like those will make it harder to enjoy your wedding. If you are getting married away from where your family and friends are from, you should let them know how they should dress for the weather. You can put this information in the invitation.


Planning For Guest

You want to make sure your guests are comfortable. Try to measure your garden area to make sure you do not invite more guest than your garden can hold. This does not mean you cannot invite all of your friends and family but measuring your garden will give you a better perspective for what you will need to do to make everyone comfortable. Wedding gifts and flight tickets can be very expensive depending on where you are having your wedding. You should mail out invitations early so your guest will have time to put money away for your wedding day.


Preparing Your Garden

Planting new flowers in some places of your garden can add an extra style that your guess will like. Even if your Garden is already established, planting new flowers won't hurt. Always remember that you can never have too many flowers in a garden. Remember to do small things like mowing the grass and pulling out any weeds. Doing this two or three days before the wedding will ensure that your garden will be beautiful and ready. Renting a big tent can be very resourceful in the case of bad weather that can surprisingly occur.


Planning For Entertaining

Entertaining is starting to become a very common part of weddings because it helps ensure that guest will have a great time. There are different bands and musicians that you can hire to perform at your wedding. Make sure you do the research on a local band or musician to make sure they fit the criteria of your garden wedding. Guest may want to dance if you have live music so making sure the ground surface is stable and not slippery or rough will play in your favour.


Catering Your Garden Wedding

There are a number of things you can do when it comes to food for your wedding. You can hire a catering company or you can do it yourself if you like cooking and want to save some extra money. There are all types of restaurants and catering companies that will prepare food according to your request. Some companies will charge you more than others depending on the type of food and how much you order. If you choose to do the catering yourself, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to cook and prepare for your wedding day. You can inform guests of the menu for the wedding on your invitations.