A Halloween Buffet Set-Up


Hosting a Halloween party is stressful and time-consuming. Most people don't know where to start or what to offer to guests. Will your party have pumpkin carving? Will you go out and go trick or treating? Or will you stay and have the party at your house? This article will help you decide what to do and what to offer at your party.

Inviting People

Without some type of invitation nobody will come to your party. Will you send invitations to people or call/email them? Be sure to give guests lots of information about your party such as:

  • Date & time of the party
  • Who's invited (kids, adults, friends, etc.)
  • When to RSVP by
  • Attire (casual, Halloween costumes, etc.)
  • What to bring (food, costumes, games, etc.)


Without decorations your party won't have the spooky Halloween theme. For colors, you'll want the decorations to be white, orange, black, and purple. You'll want balloons, banners, a Halloween themed tablecloth, candles, etc. In addition, you want to make your house spooky and scary. Hang some Halloween lights, some toys spiders from the ceiling, and/or cut out ghosts from garbage bags. You'll want to do this to create the Halloween theme. To add some charm and character to your party use Halloween bowls to put your snacks in, Halloween cups, and Halloween platters. Lastly, you'll need to buy disposable Halloween napkins, plates, and silverware to cut down on the amount of dishes you'll have to clean.

Food & Dessert

For snacks you should use Halloween themed platters and bowls to put simple snack in. These include pretzels, popcorn, chips, fruit, and vegetables.

For the meal you might want something quick since you'll have many things to do. If you are planning on going trick or treating then you'll want to make a quick meal or order something quick such as a pizza.

For dessert you could eat your Halloween candy. You could also bake pumpkin seeds and add salt to make a tasty snack. If you are not going trick or treating than you could make a cake, brownies, Halloween cookies, Halloween cupcakes, etc. for the party or leave out a bowl of candy.

Carving Pumpkins

If you choose to have guests carve pumpkins then you should make this the main entertainment for the party. Have each guest bring their own pumpkin. You'll need to supply carving tools, knives, pumpkin design outlines (to trace the pumpkin), newspaper to reduce the mess, and buckets to put the pumpkin guts in. You'll also need a place to host the party. Whether this means a garage, an extra room, or an outdoor area you'll want a place that can get dirty because pumpkin guts and seeds will go all over the place.

Trick or Treating

If you decide you don't want to carve pumpkins then you should consider going trick or treating. Trick or treating will use a good part of your night so plan accordingly. You'll need to pick out a costume and have baskets to collect candy.

Once you are ready to go, you'll need to choose a location to go trick or treating in. Busy streets that get lots of people are good if you want lots of candy. You do not want to choose a dark street, or streets with little to no people. These streets will have more pranks and crime. Also remember that houses with no outside lights on usually means that they've either run out of candy or are not participating in Halloween. Don't go to these houses.

After you've finished trick or treating, check your candy to make sure it's safe. Another god idea is to not eat all of your candy in one sitting. This is unhealthy and you'll get a stomach a he if you eat too much candy at once.

Other Entertainment

Most likely you won't have time to carve pumpkins, go trick or treating, and have a party all in one night. The best thing to do is to choose one activity that everyone would like to take part in. If you don't choose to go trick or treating or carve pumpkins then you should consider having some Halloween games and activities at your party. You could play games in your Halloween costume, tell spooky stories in the dark, make Halloween crafts, or play some other game.

Ending The Party/Party Favors

A great way to end the party is to offer party favors. Make a bag full of Halloween goodies for each guests who attended your party. You'll want to include some candy. Candy corn, lollipops, and mini candies and chocolates are popular choices. You'll want a few small non-edible gifts as well. These could simply be Halloween pencils, Halloween stickers, a Halloween coloring book, and some small toys and knick knacks.