New Years Party


It's fun to stay up and count the minutes down to the new year. Why not count the minutes down with friends and family? Planning a party is the perfect way to spend the last few hours of a year with people you know. Using the tips and steps to creating a party in this article will help you create a very successful  New Years party.

Inviting People

When inviting people you'll need to send invitations or call/email people. In your invitation, include the following:

  • Date/time of the party
  • Location of the party
  • Attire (casual, formal, etc.)
  • What to bring (food, gifts, etc.)
  • Who's invited (friends, family, etc.)
  • Anything else you wish to include


Decorations are a must for any new years party. You'll, at the very least, need the essentials. These include balloons and banners. One creative idea is to have a countdown clock until the new year. One other idea is To have lots of confetti. When the new year arrives, drop the confetti from the ceiling. To add a scent to the house buy some candles, soaps, and sprays. If you are on a budget then it is recommended to shop at cost efficient stores such as dollar stores.

To decorate the buffet table and plate settings you'll need a few more things. First you'll need a New Years themed tablecloth for the table. Then you'll need New Years theme plates, napkins, cups, and silverware. Candles and flowers look great for the table. To top it all off, you'll need some New Years wine glasses for each adult.

Lastly you'll need a new calendar. Go to a store or kiosk and purchase a calendar. Calendars sell for around $10 each. You might also want to buy mini calendars and rip off calendars.

The Meal, Beverages, & Dessert

First of all, you'll need beverages. Juice, soda, bottled water, egg nog, etc. are good common choices. When celebrating the New Year, offer wine to adults.

For the meal you could just order a quick pizza and wings. You could also cook a pizza and appetizers. You'll want a quick meal on New Years, not something that will take hours to cook and eat.

For dessert, you'll want a cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, candy, etc. You could also create a platter with a mix of things. A fruit and vegetable platter is another good dessert choice.



For fun you should play games that will keep you awake. Play some cards and board games while you wait for the ball to drop at time square. You can also talk and catch up with the latest topics. Socializing will be a big part of entertainment until you watch the ball drop.

When it is almost midnight, turn on the TV and watch the ball drop at time square. After the ball drops, change your calendar and then it's up to you. You can either go to bed or watch the entertainment. There are singers on TV each year as well as other things.