Whether you are having a family or class reunion they are a great time.It is important for the person planning to have things planned before the reunion takes place.There are a few main ideas you are going to want to think about when planning the reunion.It is favorable to ask someone to help you so you aren't worrying about things by yourself.When planning a reunion of any kind it is important to invite the entire family. A class reunion is great for catching up with friends but it is also meant for your past classmates to meet your significant other and children.Don't forget to include them on the invitations.


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Schedule- Create a schedule of all the things you are going to plan.Don't stress out if everything doesn't go according to schedule.The point of the schedule is to have a back up plan in case people get bored.Allow the people at the reunion to do their own thing.The most important part of the reunion is to be sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.If you see anyone that doesn't seem to be talking to others go introduce yourself.You could have been great friends in school and just don't recognize each other.

Where- Decide where the reunion is going to be held.Having it at a park is an ideal location especially if there are kids.Be sure to reserve a shelter in case it rains or for shade if it gets to hot.

Who- Be sure to include everyone when sending on invitations.If someone isn't invited it could hurt their feelings.Even if your uncle isn't your favorite person it is important to invite him.This doesn't mean that you have to spend your entire day talking to him, but it could be the perfect opportunity to make up.

Games- Games are usually the most popular even at a reunion.Monkey balls, water balloons, charades and bean bag toss are popular games for the kids to play.Playing cards is popular with the adults.Baseball, kickball, touch football and soccer are great sports that you plan at your reunion.Be sure to pick out teams and ask everyone to play.Combining young and old on teams is a great time.

Food- Decide on how you are going to plan the food.Is everyone going to bring a dish to pass and bring their own meat and drinks or is the person planning the reunion going to supply everything?If you are planning the reunion and are expected to bring all of the food, it may be helpful to kindly ask a few people if they could bring a dish or even a dessert.

Reunions are a great time to catch up with friends and family.It is important not to worry if things go wrong and just to have a great time.Chances are you rarely get to see the people that attend the reunion.Be sure to get their phone numbers and addresses.

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