A st. patricks day party set-up
Credit: blowoutparty.com


St. Patrick's day is a smaller holiday but that doesn't have to stop you from having a party. There are many things to consider when having a party, and there are lots of preparation to make. The following things are steps to create a successful party for your guests. There's nothing worst than a bad, disastrous party.

Inviting People

First you'll need to invite people to the party. Will you send cards in the mail, will you call them, or will you tell them in person. When telling people or sending invitations include:

  • Date & time of the party
  • Who's invited (adults, kids, family, friends, etc.)
  • Where the party's located (whose house?)
  • What will be served/what entertainment will be at the party
  • Anything guests need to bring
  • When to RSVP by

Party Decorations

You'll need decorations if you want your party to succeed. Everyone has their own decorating preference but you need a theme. For the St. Patrick's day theme, you'll need decorations that are mostly green but you'll want some gold, brown, silver, and white colored decorations too. You could go cheap and just buy some balloons and a table decoration. If you have a larger budget, then you should go all out on the decorations. Buy some balloons, a tablecloth, some flowers or a candle for the table, some decorations for the wall, etc. For utensils, bowls, and plates you should buy a St. Patrick's day set. This could just be a cheap set of green utensils, plates, and a green bowl for snacks.

The Meal

For the meal, having corn beef is a tradition. With your corn beef, you'll need some sides. Mashed potatoes and a vegetable are good choices. To go with your meal, Irish soda bread is a nice Irish food. Irish Soda bread will be a new recipe for your guests to try and it will most likely be a big hit. This is better than serving a regular loaf of bread at your party again. To go with the meal, include some beverages. Alcohol and Irish whiskey are popular choices. For people and children who don't drink alcohol, you'll need to offer other drinks. Water, juice, milk, etc. are good non alcoholic beverages.


After everyone has let their stomachs rest and the party is winding down, dessert should be served. For dessert you should keep the St. Patrick's day theme going. Green shamrock cookies are a good option that's different. You could serve green cupcakes or a green St. Patrick's day cake. If you don't serve soda bread with the main meal then you should serve the Irish soda bread for dessert. To go with your dessert you should offer Irish coffee. Irish coffee is made with Irish whiskey, brown sugar, coffee and heavy cream.


Guests will get bored without entertainment. For entertainment, you should offer games and other things for guests so that your party doesn't suffer. For party games you should have Irish games. An Irish scavenger hunt would be perfect, especially for kids. Create a list of Irish themed items for guests to find such as something that's green or something that represents Irish gold such as coins. A good thing for kids to do is to make Irish crafts. One Irish craft that could be made is cutting shamrocks out of paper, decorating, and coloring them.

Ending The Party

When it starts getting late, guests will start to leave. Before they do, give them some party favors to thank them for coming. Tell them good-bye and the party will end perfectly. If you've followed these steps than you should have had a very successful party and guests will want to visit future parties that you'll host.