Super Bowl Party

Football.....The Official American Sport

There's nothing better than celebrating football to show off your American pride. Although not everyone likes football, football is the most popular sport in the United States with baseball being the second most popular with the World Series in the later part of the year. To celebrate, you could go to the stadium but that costs hundreds to thousand D's of dollars and you'll have to travel far. Instead, you can have a party at home with friends and family for a much cheaper cost.



The first thing you'll need is decorations. You could be frugal and just put up a few balloons or you could deck out your house with NFL chairs, NFL pictures, pillows, table cloths, banners, blankets, etc. and send invitations to everyone. Try to make the theme football related. Also pick out the decorations based on the team colors and your favorite team.

For easy clean up, you should pick out some football themed disposable plates, napkins, and utensils. This will add some decoration to the party and make clean up easier. No dishes for you to do when the party is over.

Last but not least, don't forget cake decorations, if you decide to have a cake at your party. Buy a little toy or some type of football trinket to add to the top of your cake.


During the Super Bowl many people opt in to appetizers since it's easy to prepare and perfect when watching the big game. Who wants to eat a big meal while trying to watch the game? It's too much work to prepare the food and clean up after. Some easy appetizers to buy are:

  • Pre packaged appetizers: This includes pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, egg rolls, mini hot dogs, etc.
  • Chips & dip/nachos & cheese.
  • Fruits & Vegetable trays with a variety for every guest.
  • Bowls of candy

If you choose to have a meal the meal you could order takeout. Pizza and wings are a popular choice for many but other choices such as burgers, tacos, or chinese food are good options.

To add drinks in with your party, add a few types of soda, water bottles, and something else such as juice.

What's a party without dessert? For dessert you could buy or make your own dessert. Here are some options to consider:

  • A football/NFL cake
  • Baked goods: Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc.
  • Pastries, platter of assorted cookies, or an assortment of desserts
  • A candy bowl full of an assortment of candies


Without entertsinment , guests will get bored. Luckily, the big NFL game will save the day. Chances are, if you invite guests over, they will want to watch the super Bowl the whole time while eating food. However, if you are looking for additional entertainment for your guests than consider the following:

  • Buy a pinata: Guests, especially kids, will enjoy trying to break a pinata to get candy and other goodies out. Since many people miss the pinata, this will last a while. Just be careful not to hang it near valuable items that could be broken. Consider hanging it in a basement or outside.
  • Play cards/board games: In between the commercials, play a quick game of cards. This will pass the time between commercials and keep the party lasting for hours.
  • Watch the commercials: You might be thinking, commercials are boring.... why would I do that? But, Super Bowl commercials are different. They are more fun then regular commercials, entertaining, and humorous.
  • Have a food fight: Since you have many appetizers, why not have food fights. Just be careful, you will be cleaning up the mess because your the host.
  • Play trivia games with guests: Ask guests tsome trivia questions about football teams or the commercials you see. This will pass time and it doesn't require anything, just your brain.


The Super Bowl is one of those parties where you have to dress up. During a Super Bowl party you should encourage guests to dress up in the team they hope will win. You should do the same. When dressing up, include things such as t-shirts, jerseys, helmets, and accessories such as NFL necklaces. This will show off your team loyalty.