Kid's Valentine's Day Party

Let's Celebrate!

Valentine's Day is one of the smaller holidays but it's still a reason to celebrate. Whether you are just having a family party or you're inviting friends, a Valentine's Day party is a great way to celebrate. You'll need to set-up, make food, and organize the party. Luckily, these steps will help you get through the necessary steps in planning a Valentine's Day party.

Inviting People

Will you be cheap and just call people on the phone or will you spend some money on mailing invitations to friends? Invitations are a small thing and aren't required for a successful party, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, if you opt into sending invitations consider adding the following in your invitation:

  • Who's invited***
  • When the party will take place (date & time)
  • When to RSVP by & phone number to call
  • What food/games will be at the party
  • Where the party will be held (your house or a public place?)
  • If guests should bring food/gifts
  • Anything else you think is necessary

***When deciding who will be invited, choose a specific type of people. Will your party have lots of children running around? Is it a party for couples to fit the Valentine's Day theme? Is it strictly a family party? Or will it be a party with friends? How about a combo of all of them?


One way to make a Valentine's Day party successful is to have beautiful decorations. If you are on a tight budget than you can stick to only a few decorations or go to a discount/dollar store to get a good price on decorations. Going to a party store will cost you more. You'll need things such as:

  • Party Balloons
  • Party blowers
  • Party hats
  • Flowers
  • Table mats/clothes
  • Banners
  • Napkins, plastic utensils, paper plates, etc.
  • Valentine's Day themed Tablecloth
  • Valentine's Day music (helps create a soothing atmosphere)
  • Anything else you need

Use the colors pink, white, red, and a little purple to keep it a Valentine's Day theme. Use hearts for the main shape for decorations.


A party won't do well without entertainment. Who would want guests that get bored? There are a number of things to cure boredom at a Valentine's Day party. First, you should have some type of games. Since this is Valentine's Day, have each guest bring a gift. You could include this on your invitation. When guests bring gifts, you could have a grab bag gift type of game where everyone picks a gift at random. Choose gifts that fit the Valentine's Day theme such as stuffed animals, boxes of chocolates, scratch off tickets, little toys, and other gifts. Be sure to have guests wrap their gifts so that no one knows what's inside. This is a perfect Valentine's Day game for parties with kids or couples.

In addition to games, you could hold contests, just talk, or put on some soothing music that fits the Valentine's Day theme and dance. Another fun game would be to make some type of love game such as rolling dice or picking cards and doing things with your spouse such as kissing, hugging, and dancing. You could also make fortunes on paper and pass them out to people for fun. These fortunes could be love fortunes to keep the Valentine's Day theme alive at your party.

For kids, you could have them make Valentine's Day crafts or hold a contest where every child wins a gift. You could always create your very own Valentine's Day game out of paper and other crafts. Kids also like to pass around Valentine's cards to each other. Kids could make Valentine's as a craft at your party. Your party could become a really creative one!

The Meal

Where will the dinner be? Are you Going out with friends to a restaurant, are you ordering takeout, or are you cooking a home cooked meal. If you choose a home cooked meal, you could either have guests bring a dish to share (mention this in the invitation) or you could make a Valentine's Day dish yourself. If you ask each guest to bring a dish to share then you'll have a lot more dishes to share. While guests might not like to spend the time cooking something and bringing it, they will like that the meal has a lot of variety, making the party a success.


If you want to be cheap and not overspend then you could either have guests bring a dessert (mention this in the invitation) or have cheap snacks and candy for dessert. Putting out a bowl of candy hearts will make people happy. You could also pass out lollipop's, chocolates, and other candies. Or you could share a huge box of candy with your guests.

If you want a good selection of desserts consider buying a cake at the bakery or making one. Make some cookies, brownies, or cupcakes also. Use pink, white, and red frosting to keep it a Valentine's Day theme.

Ending The Party & Party Favors

As the party dies down, people will start to leave. Before they leave, you need a good way to end the party. How about party favors! Party favors are a good way of saying goodbye to your guests and ending the party successfully. In your party favors, you need to include small gifts and candies. A box of candy hearts, Valentine's Day pencils, Valentine's Day stickers, a small box of candy, a small stuffed animal, small toys, etc. are good small items to include in a bag for party favors. Your guests will thank you and you'll have a good reputation of having a good party.