Camping trips can be a thoroughly enjoyable way to get away from all the stress of everyday life, but you need to do a little planning ahead of time to make them that way. If you are taking the family and you have children of different ages, trying to come up with ways to keep them entertained can be a challenge by itself. If you are close enough to go to town to a movie or do something the teenager might enjoy once or twice on the trip it can make a big difference.

The important thing to remember about camping, is that there will most likely be no computer, Ipod, or any of the other modern electronics that most kids over ten do not feel they can live without. And let us not even mention the telephone! So, it will be up to you to come up with ideas on how they might entertain themselves while camping. A book is a very good idea, but you may have to remind them what to do with it.

Depending on the ages of your children, board games might be a good thing to bring along. That way, the whole family could play at the same time and remember what it was like before the modern electronics sent everyone to their own corner of the living room or to their own bedroom. Another idea, if you are in a somewhat rural setting, would be to take a walk, looking at and learning about leaves and the local animals. You may need to study about the trees and animals, because it is amazing what the kids know these days.

If all else fails, roasting marshmallows over the fire is sure to give you some happy memories to take home with you. Having a list of activities and allowing your children to each take a turn at choosing the activity for the day will help also. Just remember, it was a different world when we were young and went camping, we did not have all these electronics back home calling to us. Taking the time to plan ahead for some fun activities can make all of the difference when you go on a camping trip or spend some time in the outdoors with children or teenagers. You don't want to try and force your children into activities that they find boring or else they may not want to come back out on your next camping trip. You might find the idea of bringing along an Ipod or a Kindle to go against the spirit of getting out into the woods, but bending a few rules to make sure that your kids have a good time as well is never a bad thing.