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Easter is a great holiday. You've got the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunt, dying the eggs, and the party with the feast. Unfortunately, having an Easter party is a big task that takes lots of time to do. The following steps will help you set up the perfect Easter party.


First you'll need to invite people to your party. When creating invitations or telling people in person, be sure to include these following things:

  • Who's invited? (kids, friends, family, neighbors, etc.)
  • When & Where the party will take place?
  • What you'll serve
  • What entertainment there will be (Easter egg hunt, dying eggs, games, etc.)
  • If guests should bring anything
  • When to RSVP by

Dying Eggs

Easter is one of the easier holidays to decorate for. Unlike other holidays, Easter will partly take place outside for the Easter egg hunt. You might want to include a few yard decorations for the Easter egg hunt. For inside decorations, you'll want some Easter themed decorations. Easter colors can be almost anything. For decorations you'll want some items such as balloons, an Easter banner, Easter plate settings, some flowers for the table, some yard decorations, Easter lights, etc.

The Easter Egg Hunt

You have two options. You could either dye Easter eggs before the party starts and serve the eggs to guests, or you could dye the eggs during the party. If you make dying the eggs part of the party, then guests will have more fun and you'll need less entertainment, making everything easier for you. Keep in mind that you have to boil the eggs for around 10 minutes then cool them before dying them. This will take time so be prepared.

When dying eggs you'll need an egg dying kit, a dozen eggs and some bowls and spoons to dye the eggs in. If you want to make more than a dozen eggs then you'll need more kits and more eggs. Make sure you make enough eggs for every guest though.

When you set up to dye Easter eggs, use many different colors of dyes to make the eggs. The dye tablets should be included in the package. Usually you'll have blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, etc. To make the eggs look more beautiful use a white crayon to draw the names of guests or designs. When you're done, clean up, let the eggs dry, then you can eat them and serve them to guests. This will provide guests with a creative snack.

Easter Egg Hunt

For an Easter egg hunt you'll need a few things. First you'll need some plastic eggs. You can buy these relatively cheap for a few bucks per package. You can have small plastic eggs (most common) or bigger eggs which will hold more but you'll get fewer for the price. You could also have a mixture of small and big plastic eggs. You'll also need Easter egg baskets for each guest on the hunt to put the eggs in. These are also cheap for only a couple of dollars a piece. The best thing is that the eggs and baskets can be reused year after year until they break making this a cheap activity for party guests to enjoy.
To spice up the hunt, be sure to add some prizes and money in the eggs. This is only ideal if you are willing to spend the extra money. Kids love money and gifts! All you need to do is put little toys in the eggs. If you are planning on putting money in the eggs then put 5-10¢ in each egg. If you are willing to spend a little more than get a roll of quarters and put 25¢ in each egg.
Lastly, no party is complete without a golden egg. This is the rare egg that everyone should be looking for. The golden egg should have a better prize such as $1-5 inside or a bigger toy. There should only be one golden egg in the hunt to make it rare.
Remember: not to hide the eggs so that it's too easy for guests. Putting the eggs on the ground in the open will be too obvious for guests unless they are little toddlers. Also don't hide the eggs so that they're too hard for guests to find or put them out of reach for little children . You wouldn't want to lose eggs or make it too hard to find and retrieve the eggs. Remember where the eggs are and write down where you put the eggs if you want to find them easily. Count the eggs before hiding them so that you know how many need to be found.
If the weather is bad (raining or cold) or you don't feel comfortable having the Easter egg hunt outside, then feel free to hide the eggs around your house but away from valuables and other items that can break easily.

The Meal

Now that you have the perfect entertainment for your guests you'll need some food. Everyone will get hungry so be sure to cook a meal. The meal can be anything. If you want something easy, keep it simple and don't cook too many things or something that take a long time to cook such as a turkey or ham. You can also add dyed eggs to the meal if you don't use them as a snack for your guest.


Unless you are having an early morning Easter breakfast you should offer dessert. Dessert can be almost anything. An Easter cake shaped like an Easter bunny would be a good option. This can be purchased at a grocery store or bakery. Easter cupcakes or cookies are also good, easy options. To go with dessert or for the main dessert, you could have some candy. Easter is a big holiday that sells a lot of candy so be sure to have candy at your party. Peeps, peanut butter candy, chocolates, etc. are popular Easter candies. One other popular dessert would be to buy a chocolate Easter bunny. This can be cut up and served. Who doesn't like chocolate?

Ending The Party/Easter Gifts

To end the party, you should give guests little baskets filled with candy and gifts. This will be popular with guests, especially kids, and it's a great way to say good-bye. You should fill the bottom with candy, add some gifts on the top, then wrap it with a holiday bow and clear plastic wrap. If you don't want to go through the trouble of making your own homemade Easter baskets then consider buying some cheap Easter baskets online or at a store. This might cost more but it will save you the time and hassle.