The Best Wedding Ever

Weddings are like coins in a way: there are two sides to it. On one side is the joy and happiness found when two people who love each other express their wish to be together for the rest of their lives. That's the ideal situation anyway. The other side of the coin is the trouble that comes with setting it up. Most of these ceremonies tend to be rather extravagant and costly, not to mention complicated and confusing. That is why we have professional wedding planners, who help us get everything set up. Still, there are many things we cannot foresee, and almost no wedding comes out exactly as planned.

On the other hand, those who are not very well-endowed in the finance department may choose simpler ceremonies. They could also have chosen to spend less on the matrimonial ceremony and more on what comes after. Whatever the case, these simple weddings are simple gatherings of just the closest relatives and friends. Still, some of these couples choose something special to spend a little more on. Perhaps they might choose a better dress for the bride, a better restaurant for the reception, or perhaps a better vehicle to ride away in, like a wedding limousine.

Just to give an overview of the things that go into a wedding plan, here is a simple rundown of the steps in preparation. The first is setting dates. The date for the ceremony must be coordinated with the church of choice or with the minister of choice if the wedding is outside a church. This can be tough, especially during the peak seasons when many couples are getting wed.

The catering for the reception can also be a hassle. You will need to choose the menu, finding options that suit your tastes. There are also other considerations, like "theme", cultural inclinations, allergies, et cetera. Caterers or restaurants understand the urgency of the event, but that does not make it easier for them to pull it off.

The bride's dress is probably the single most stressful thing for the female half of the unison. Weddings are events that happen once in a lifetime, so women are wont to look their best. Choosing the right dress can be extremely difficult for the bride. The men find it pretty easy, since they only really need a tuxedo. If you are having some sort of themed wedding though, the clothes may become easier or more difficult to source.

Finally, on the days before and during the event itself, your heart will be unsettled and excited. Getting yourself prepared and keeping composure is downright hard at times. Everyone understands this, so do not worry too much if you stutter or make mistakes on the day. Just follow the minister's instructions and you'll be fine.

Now that you have read the kind of worries and troubles that go into weddings, you might become more appreciative of those who work to make these magical events happen right. Most of all though, be happy for the newlyweds who are about to embark on life's biggest journey: married life.