Wedding cakes come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and designs. The designs can be romantic or elegant. The wedding cakes play a major part in wedding planning due to all the details and hard work put into them. Choosing a wedding cake is not something people normally do over night. It usually takes weeks before couples can decide on one that is perfect for them and their budget.

There are lots of resources to go to if you get stuck deciding on what you want. So good planning and organization is important when working on the cake to insure that you get exactly what you want. You need to be sure to give yourself, and whoever is helping you with it, plenty of time because the cakes could take up to a couple weeks to make and decorate. In addition, let your baker/friend know in writing the exact size, shape, and decorations you would like, well ahead of time.

Make sure that you and your baker have a copy of your agreements in writing in case of any confusion and misunderstandings. And most importantly the delivery date, you don't want your cake showing up a day late. The average wedding cake consist of multiple layers, with a minimum of three. Most people like to have their cakes custom made for their special and day, while others don't really mind as longs as it meets certain requirements.

The people who choose to have their wedding cakes custom made may like to have the cake colors matching with everything else, along with special decorations and even names. When you are getting things ready for your cake preparation, make sure that your guests are not allergic to anything in or around the cake. Find out which guests are allergic to things and which ones aren't. If they are allergic to something that you really like, try to find them a small one that they can eat within your budget.

For some themes people like to use real flowers for their wedding cake toppers, but some can be very poisonous. If you decide to use Daffodils, Cobra lilies, Bird of Paradise or Tulips, remember to keep a protective surface between the flowers and surface of the cake. To keep everything extra safe and easy, most people prefer to use artificial flowers for their cake. Monkeys!

Artificial flowers won't cause any harm and they are easy to apply and remove when it's time to cut it. Although decorations make up part of the cake, and you want it to look nice, try not to over do it. Make sure you and your partner agree on everything, and you are both on the same page during all of the preparation.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful for the both of you so try organizing everything before you start and come up with ways to help each other, and get friends and family involved. Because you don't want to be doing major things at the last minute and have them not turn out right. It wouldn't be fun for you or any one else. Keep these tips in mind to have the best wedding cakes possible.