Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is as exciting a time as it is stressful, tedious, and overwhelming. It's a time you just want to be over with, but it's also one that you want to remember for the rest of your life. For many brides-to-be--and maybe you're one of them--focusing on one step at a time can greatly reduce the stress and help you mark things off your to-do list. Below is a simple list of some important things that need to get done in the months prior to the wedding date. Once you check these off your ever-growing list, you can enjoy the engagement experience that much more.

The Venue: Deciding where to have your wedding or reception can decide the entire ambiance of your wedding. If you're looking for a more rustic experience, consider finding a barn that has been turned into a reception hall or have it outside somewhere with a beautiful view. If you want something more regal, look into a more traditional reception hall, perhaps in a hotel ballroom.

The Dress: What's more important than having the right groom and the right dress? The right dress can make your wedding match exactly what you had in mind. Finding the perfect dress to fit your vision and your personality can take one day or it can take months. Give yourself ample time. Don't rush yourself. This is your and your groom's day. Make it special by finding and wearing the right dress.

The Guest List: Planning the guest list can be a major stress factor for many engaged couples. Depending on the type of wedding and reception you choose, you may have to create a seating chart, perfectly placing every person in the right spot. You may begin to be pressured to put people next to each other or on the other side of the reception hall. However, take it in stride and move forward with your wedding.

The Food: Whether you serve a full meal, finger foods, or just a desert bar, it's important that you find the right caterer. While it may be difficult to find a caterer among the many available, a simple internet search should yield the right results. For instance, if you're in Salt Lake City, search for "Utah wedding caterer" and you'll be on your way.

Consider planning your wedding as an adventure and an opportunity to learn more about yourself in the process. If you just take it one day at a time, one step at a time, your wedding will come together beautifully and you will actually enjoy the hectic experience. And that's the best way to start a marriage.