Relocation is inevitable in many cases, even if you do not want to go you have to due to certain circumstances, like a new job or getting married or divorced. Whatever the case is relocation demands a lot of organization and planning. If you do not plan the things effectively and efficiently may be you will leave some important things behind or broken in the process of transferring the goods from one place to another. There are many things that can be making you worried like what about the stuff in store, maybe you have not checked the pile of goods for a while now and the big question is what to pack and what to leave when there is no sorting at all.

Develop а System, Prepare a List:

The first thing you need to know is what actually, you are dealing with, sort the entire luggage into similar items and start making a list. It is better if you define some generic categories like cloth items, crockery, etc. to separate the items from one another. After you are done with listing down the next step would be sorting them out further which items you need to keep, which you want to sell and, which are just useless and needs to be thrown away. Mark the boxes separately for each content of the room so that you know what box contains what item.

Donate Rarely Use Clothes and Other Things:

It is in your best interest to donate the items that you have not used in a year, just do not keep them for the sake of keeping. They will cost you a great deal of money during transportation, and obviously, you do not like to pay for items which you are not going to use anyway.

Hire Professional Mover Company:

The best thing can be to hire a long-distance mover; there are many advantages that are associated with hiring a third party to do it for you. One can ask for the personal referrals or search over the internet in order to find the good long distance mover companies available in your area. The companies have heavy-duty vehicles of their own; they can sort down the luggage into different packaging material according to their need in order to ensure safe transit from one place to be other. One can pack the stuff on their own if they like, but it is very burdensome job, and you do not know what packing material is good for what luggage. 

Get help: 

Hire any agency to deliver your goods at destination as you do not have such a big car to transport everything in one round. Once enroute to your new residence, stay in contact with the driver till it reaches the set destination.

Assess Your New Residence:

If you are moving to a new place that is bigger than your current place perhaps storage is not an issue, but what if you are moving to a smaller place, you need some space to store your luggage for a while. The long distance movers company jumps in here too; they have warehouses where you can keep your goods safe for a while without any problem. Whenever you can manage space in your new home you can take your stuff back. The fee is charged on monthly basis and is very minimal. If still you want to do all by yourself, few tips are given below:

Have а schedule:

Once everything is done, set an schedule of your shipment.  

Preparation Long Distance Move
Credit: Movers via Flickr