The success of a new kitchen is always in the planning and when you are on a tight budget you can't afford mistakes. Here are the aspects which are important to consider when you need a new kitchen without spending a fortune.

1. Where to Buy

The cheapest option for a new kitchen is generally to buy a flat pack kitchen from a Do It Yourself warehouse and fit it yourself. If this is beyond your capabilities however you can always find someone to install it for you. The budget kitchen companies often give help with planning the design and you may find they provide tools online to help you too. Remember that you generally need to buy everything separately including door handles, counter tops and plinth so be sure to include these in your calculations and shopping list.

2. Consider What You Need

All kitchens need

  • a good sized sink. You will use this for so many things in the kitchen including preparing vegetables, washing up and (if you do not have a separate laundry room) hand washing clothes. You will generally find many budget sinks in stainless steel.
  • counter tops for preparing food and serving it. It is essential to have a place to put hot pans near the oven. A normal work surface will do with a heat resistant mat or trivet. Although you might like a pure granite counter top, laminate will be a cheaper option and can be made to look like natural stone.
  • storage space for food, utensils and china. This may be in kitchen cabinets or on open shelving. Think about all the different items you need to store from tall cereal packets to washing up liquid and the kind of storage that would be best. You will find that kitchen cabinets are priced differently according to the finish so look for the best you can afford within your budget.
  • appliances such as stove, fridge and freezer and potentially a dishwasher, microwave and laundry equipment. These may be fitted into units and hidden behind matching doors or freestanding with a space planned for them. Generally integral appliances are more expensive than freestanding ones but they do give your finished kitchen a neater look.
  • space for trash. This can be a free-standing trash can or a unit fitted under the sink.
  • effective lighting so that you can see to work. You need both ambient overall lighting fitted in the ceiling and task lighting which is generally fitted under wall units.
  • non-slip, easy to clean flooring. Remember any flooring may be subject to water and spills so choose a flooring which is not easily stained or damaged by water. Vinyl flooring is a good choice for a budget kitchen.

3. Consider the Extras

It is always the finishing touches which make the difference to a room and the kitchen is no exception. You can add colorful storage jars and interesting accessories once your kitchen is finished. Also think about kitchen curtains or blinds. Generally blinds are best for an ultra modern room whereas kitchen curtains suit a traditional or country style. You do not need to plan curtains and other accessories from the start but be sure to hold a little of your budget in reserve so that you can decorate your new kitchen and prevent it looking like a sterile new kitchen space.