This winter, does travel to the warm sunny climes of Mexico seem tempting? It's closer, cheaper than anywhere else, and if you plan a Cancun vacation, you have much more Mexico for your dollar than any other destination in the country. Let's take this step by step, shall we?

What makes Cancun very tempting as the place to base your Mexico vacation out of is the fact that it's so close to so many of Mexico's famed sites. Have you ever fantasized about seeing up close what one one of those famed Mayan ruins look like? Out of Cancun, one of the world's most famous Mayan archaeological sites, the Chichen Itza is no more than a day trip away. The Mexican stepped pyramids that are iconic symbols of the Mayan civilization are a great way to experience Mexico's past, and climbing up on them can be a great way to teach your children history. One of the most morbidly fascinating parts of Chichen Itza is the altar where human sacrifices were made.

What makes a Cancun vacation particularly tempting in the winter is the fact that this is a city that isn't just about ruins like the Tulum, Coba, or the Chichen Itza. Get yourself out to the beautiful beaches of Cancun, and hours of fun windsurfing, jetskiing and kayaking can be yours for what seems like no money at all. The local Mexican crafts markets of Mercado Veintiocho are so full of local color and beauty that you are likely to never want to come away. And when you sample the local cuisine, you'll really wonder why you would want to go back home.

No Cancun vacation is complete without a great time out diving under with all the snorkeling opportunities available to you at Punta Nizuc, Punta Cancun. Snorkeling gear comes at about $10 a day. Scuba diving and snorkeling at Cozumel is more fun of course, but Cancun is a close second. The ocean currents can be a bit strong around these parts though, and you'd do well to go with a certified diving company to stay safe. Try a company like AquaWorld or AquaFun to have lots of safe fun.

And what visit to Mexico would be complete without a little colorful Mexican nightlife? For the romantically inclined, the Cancun Lovers' Cruise is a peaceful and beautiful experience; for those who like a little more noise at their parties, the Caribbean Carnival Cruise is likely to set you off to a rocking start.