What's that?

Ok Casanova/Casanovette. It's Friday afternoon and your significant other will be on their way home from work soon. You want to do something a little bit special, spontaneous, and romantic for them. You don't want to go out (probably because your broke or hate other people). What do you do? How do you make this normal Friday night into something extraordinarily romantic. Well, here's how.

Set the Mood (Ambience fool)

Do a quick clean of the house and maybe even acquire some flowers. Dim the lights, put some soft sweet sexy music on and light a few candles. You could also leave a cute post-it note on the door (or somewhere prominent) that they'll find when they get home.

Get Sexy

Do whatever this means to you. Wear something you don't wear everyday. Dress up as if you were going out. Maybe it means taking your weekly shower or slipping into your Superman boxers .


This doesn't have to be something complicated that takes you hours to prepare. It's all about the presentation. If you usually eat out take out boxes, try putting the contents of the boxes on some nice plates. You could also try cooking your SO's (significant other) favourite food. If your looking to really heat things up then consider preparing a natural aphrodisiac (like oysters or avocado).

Alcohol makes most things better and a romantic dinner is no exception. You might want to class things up a little bit with a bottle of wine or a slightly better brand of spirits then your used to. More of a beer drinker? Pour your can of cheap beer into a glass and it will taste and look better.

You should have dinner at the table (if you have one) and the t.v. should be firmly turned off. This is a great time for conversation and enjoying each others company (or pretending to)

After Dinner

This depends on what the time is and what you both feel like doing. If the oysters are doing their trick you may have to head straight to the bedroom.
If you just want to relax you could try playing a board game, cards, or watching a movie together. The important thing is that you spend some quality time with each other.

So there you have it. My tips for a ridiculously romantic evening. Remember, everything does not have to be perfect. The most important thing is that you made an effort and for that you will be appreciated and rewarded. It's not rocket science but the end result should be some pretty sweet chemistry.