Staycation (24563)Planning A Stay Vacation, or "Staycation"

First of all, what the heck is a staycation?
Well, if you're after a definition, here it is: "A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer."
Pretty straightforward, right? Easy to plan, yeah? Wrong.

A staycation is definitely simpler than an ordinary vacation, but it still has complexities of its own. In this article we will discuss them in detail. Another thing we will discuss is WHY one should have a staycation. Let's take a look.

TOP 6 Reasons to Have a Stay Vacation

  1. Far cheaper than an ordinary vacation. In terms of transport, stay vacations do not require airfare. At most, you're paying for gas to drive somewhere nearby. Take this extra cash and treat yourself (i.e. order room service) or simply save money.
  2. Discover your home. Appreciate it. Be amazed as you learn to love your own backyard, city or state.
  3. Often, staycations are more intimite. Sure, you and your spouse can get along at a 5 star resort, but if you go hiking and are sharing a tent, then it is more challenging, yet more rewarding.
  4. Easier, less stress. Staycations require less planning and can be done at a moments notice.
  5. Less time traveling. Forget 5 hour airport layovers, airplane food and lost luggage. Oh, and how about the bedbugs, flus, and other diseases that are spread via air travel?
  6. No jet lag
  7. Shorter. If you are pressed for time, staycations are where it's at. Ideal for weekend getaways.

Where to go on your Stay Vacation

  • Talk to your friends who know the area. Often, word of mouth is the best resource. If your Hiker Buddy tells you of a good camping site nearby, go and hit it up! If your History Buff Friend tells you of a wonderful tourist site, check it out!
  • Check out the local tourism board. If you live in say, New York, don't be afraid to talk to Tourism New York. The same goes for every city/state. Just because you're a local doesn't mean you can't be a tourist!
  • Make your own adventure. Do something crazy, that you've always longed to do.

Remember this...

  • Make sure you tell responsible friends/family where you're going. Because staycations often involve outdoor activities, this is especially important.
  • Be safe, not sorry. Pack extra food, have a credit card and cash, ID, and so on. Take precautions as neccesary.
  • Just because you're near home doesn't mean you should keep working. It's a vacation, so try to stay away from work related activities.

Sample Ideas

  • Local history
  • Spa
  • Museums
  • Local hotels
  • Local sights

Last but not least, have fun and savor the moment!

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