A wedding on a low income

Some people say if you can't afford to get married in style then you should not get married yet. I myself say blah to that. Years ago people had a simple ceremony in their "Sunday best", however that now makes people feel awkward and socially inept over other people. There are ways you can have a beautiful wedding and still spend a fraction of what some others do. Whether it is because you can not afford it or simply see no sense in spending a silly amount of money that could give you a deposit on your own home. I myself did my own wedding 12.5 years ago for less than £600, still under $1000 and I had a brand new white wedding dress.

A White wedding dress on a budget

There are wedding dresses to suit any style, whether you want the full on ball gown puff ball princess gown or the sleek elegant straight lined evening gown, there is plenty of choice available for under £200/$350.

Wedding flowers, for Bride and Bridesmaids

I don't know how you feel about flowers but I know I don't want to pay as much for my flowers as I did for my wedding dress. Don't even think about fresh flowers unless you are going to make them yourself from relatively cheap flowers like carnation pinks and baby breath. If you even want one or two orchids or lilies, you are going to wish you had gone with faux wedding flowers. Don't forget that with faux wedding flowers you have the choice of saving them as an ornament, a nice keepsake from your wedding. There is plenty of choices when it comes to faux wedding flowers, from Traditional tear drop shapes like below..

Faux Wedding flowers

If however traditional is not your style, faux wedding flowers are easily enough adapted and have hundreds of different designs. One of my favourite that is very modern at the moment is the black and white style flower bouquets.

Black and white wedding flowers

You can get a Bridal wedding flowers bouquet for less than £25/$40.

The wedding rings

I really would not skimp on these as you will be wearing them every day for the rest of your life, but if you can not afford brand new wedding rings, why not buy second hand wedding rings and get better quality for your money?  Let's face it, some wedding cakes last longer than the actual weddings and the rings will be as new.

The Wedding cake

If you are getting married any time soon, you are indeed very lucky as home baking and sugar art is becoming very fashionable in the last few years. I can bet you know at least two people who run a cottage industry from home making birthday and wedding cakes. They charge less than the stores because they have less over heads and some have a natural born talent for making cakes for special occasions. What ever you do, make sure they have a great reputation and have pictures of past work. There are some fabulous cakes that are made by house wives that will take your guests breath away.

chocolate wedding cake

The wedding photographs

This is a massive chunk of any wedding budget, but with great cameras available and digital photography, there is no need to pay a photographer. A friend of mine paid £700/ over $1200 for her wedding photographs, crazy!

Whilst photographs mean the world to me, they are no less special for getting a family member to be in charge of the photographs. You can even put your photographs on canvas online whenever you wish. That is great if you are on a tight budget and would prefer to wait a few months before you do it.

Wedding transport for Bride and Groom

Whilst hopping on the bus or tram is just going a bit too cost effective but slumming it for a wedding, there is no need for a limousine or Bentley. 

If a family member has a nice car that will polish up well, offer to pay for fuel and a valet and get them to put a white ribbon and corsage on the bonnet, a white sheet tucked over the back sheet and voila, a sleek bridal car for a princess. Don't do this if your family members car is a Ford truck covered in mud and rust though!


And last but not least by any means, you obviously need somewhere to actually have the wedding!

The wedding venue

I did not get married in a church, I was married in a registry office. If we had got married more recently, I would have picked our country park and had a Pagan handfasting ceremony. There are some exceptionally expensive wedding venues but have a good think because it really does not matter where you get married but to whom you get married.

Has any of your family got a superb garden that would fit your guests in? A local park. the beach. Think outside the box and you will find something that is extremely cost effective and lovely.

Most of all, if you are reading this and are going to get married, good luck and all the best for your special day.