Kids' Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Organizers

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When you've gone through the bathroom organizing process in an adult space, you can move on to your kids' bathroom. When you rid their bathroom of all unnecessary stuff and arrange it in an easy-to-use manner, you empower your kids to be more independent and to learn self-management skills.

Use the discovery process of category development to help your children create personalized systems for themselves. Assigning each child his or her own every day use drawer (and subdividing the drawers into several finite categories where suitable) will restrict quarrels. Frequently, children have less gear than adults—that is, till they reach their teen years! While your kids are still small, you could store extra towels or warehouse supplies in their cabinets when you find extra space.

You definitely want to keep a couple of things out of children's bathrooms altogether. Medicines, first aid, supplements, razors or other sharp implements, and cleaning chemicals are not kid-friendly.  Pull those out of your children's bathrooms in the categorizing procedure even when you have the storage space.

Adults are more expected than children to fold their use-again towels, so one strategy is to install hooks on the wall or even behind the door for children to hang their towels. The only downside of employing hooks is that towels with a heavy thread count do not always dry as good on hooks as they may on a rod. Buying color-coded towels for each child is an excellent idea that also helps with laundry and recognizing which child left his wet towel on the floor! There are people who put their children's names via embroidery on their towels to see to it each kid uses and maintains his or her own towel. Tooth brushing and hand washing are splashier tasks for children than for adults, so keep at the least one hand towel close to each sink in your children's bathroom.

Step stools are valuable tools in children's bathrooms. Make sure to get one having skid-proof steps and feet. Additional handy strategy is color-coding the bins you select for each of their daily-use items or personal items in the shower. Correlate their colors to their towel colors if you are able to. The more you can help your kids know which property are theirs and help them to use them and put them away correctly, the better you are arming them to be responsible for their own stuff in the adult world.


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