'Big things happen when you do small things right'

Frequent Air Travellers would confirm the veracity of this statement and how precise it seems especially on a foreign trip. Preparation is the key, while embarking on an overseas vacation. Carry money wisely and that too as a mix of cash, credit cards and travellers cheques. There's nothing more frustrating than being stranded in a foreign country with all your money gone. Keep a scanned copy of your vital travel documents like passport, visa, driving license, return ticket and store them online in a password protected folder. Even if your luggage gets misplaced and your vital documents get lost you can always retrieve them to avoid any problems at immigration counters.

Don't fail to carry copies of your identity documents and details of your insurance policies. Carry a SIM card with a global roaming facility activated before hand. Often travellers get stranded as soon as they come out of the airport only to find that their phone is not working in the destination country. Memorize the toll free phone number of your debit card /ATM card issuer so that you can file a complaint immediately if it gets lost, stolen or fails to work. I personally find saving my credit card number with its expiry date and CVV code in my mobile to be immensely beneficial which I can use at any point of time if I want my card blocked or require any information from your bank over the phone. Although, banks advise against noting all such information in writing at one place but this really helps as I carry numerous cards!

Avoid travelling to high-risk countries that are ridden by strife and violence. Obtain exhaustive and up to date information about the destination you intend to travel to. If there are reports of protest, labour unrest, and civil disturbance: STAY AWAY; you never know when these things turn violent and ugly. Have a first-aid kit handy with all necessary supplies like antiseptic ointments, germicidals, band aids, antihistamines, analgesics and anti-diarrheal medication. In the event of a sudden injury or assault go to the nearest clinic to get immediate first aid. You always have the option to shift to a hospital patronized by your insurer, once your condition gets stable.

Having phone numbers of emergency services like ambulance, police is indispensable. In case you are the victim of a crime like theft, pick-pocketing, chain snatching report it immediately to the police. The police report would be mandatory if you desire to claim reimbursement from your insurer. If the prospect of going to a police station seems intimidating, try and contact your embassy or consulate and ask them for assistance. They will not only help you in registering a police complaint but will also notify your family about the mishap.

If you have managed to procure cheap flights to your destination then taking care of the above pointers would ensure a safe, secure and comfortable journey.