Italy, what a beautiful place for everyone to visit at least once in their lifetime. But before you plan your trip, you may want to know what the weather in Italy will be like for your vacation.

Let's first take a look at the Northern regions in the Mediterranean Sea. This area is surrounded by the sea which results in a fairly moderate temperature all year round.

In the Mediterranean you will find the beautiful city of Sicily. The weather in Sicily is very mild with the coastal breezes, but the winters are wet and hot, and the summers are dry. The mountains have cooler temperatures averaging about 50 degrees F (10 degrees C).

The weather in Naples Italy is beautiful throughout the year. The winters are mild and summers are warm and dry. July will be the hottest month with the temperatures starting at 64 degrees F up to 85 degrees F, which is perfect for anyone.

You can wear your shorts during the day, and throw on a sweatshirt in the evenings. In January the temperatures will range from 38 to 54 degrees F. There is also a bit more rain on the west coast than the east coast of the Italian peninsula.

The weather in Florence Italy is beautifully seasonal and temperate with the warm, dry summers and cooler temperatures in the winter. There is a short rainy season in the early parts of winter.

July and August can be very hot and not a good time to go. The best time to visit Florence is in the spring when it is nice and warm without the rain.

The weather in Rome Italy can be very hot, during August the temperature can reach over 95 degrees F in the middle of the day. The Romans will close up their business during the month of August to go to a cooler area for their vacation.

Mid-winter is a beautiful time with the temperatures in the mid 50's F. But the most beautiful weather in Rome is in the spring, the skies are clear blue with the perfect warm air. They may be a bit of rain, but not enough to worry about. The weather in Italy is obviously the most beautiful in the spring no matter which city you choose.

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