If you've found the location, the catering business, the DJ (or the wedding band) and sent out your invites, you may believe you have finished your planning: not true… The wedding night is a well-orchestrated event that has to keep visitors satisfied at all times. Not to worry though, one can find sufficient options these days to guarantee folks have a grand old time.

The Essentials

Tradition is a big part of what makes a wedding: several activities usually are as important as the exchange of the vows to some people, and have surely come to be expected by many guests. The entrance, the cutting of the cake, the bouquet, the photo-ops and the first dance make up a really considerable protocol but can also be a chance for creativity.

There usually are many elements you can play with to to truly own the rituals: the choice of music is extremely important and is best left to the new bride and groom for them to generate their personal touch. Many newlyweds are also quite creative in particular with the first dance (a nicely-choreographed one often tends to make quite an impression). A few decide to cut those customs a little short so as to allow for other activities as well.

Fun Photography Session

Whether you choose to hire a professional photographer or not, a great deal of time (particularly before the meal starts) is allocated to picture-taking. Naturally you'll wish to have nice formal photos of the couple and their relatives. But spending some time for a more interesting and bold photo session can be very rewarding many years later.


Using a pro for entertainment generally means that you will engage a wedding band. Why not take it a step further and call in an entertainer? It can be a great idea if he is already invited because he's part of the bride and groom's relationship circle.

In case you are somewhat uncertain about the impression an entertainer could have on the guests, you can go the risk-free route and choose a magician or a face painter for the youngsters. It'll have the added benefit of keeping them content and occupied a bit longer while their parents unwind. A small area with a DVD player and video gaming is also most effective to focus children's attention during the long meal.


Games are a tricky one, since their good results will be based largely on the sort of guests you are dealing with. Some would prefer to settle-back and consume a good dinner and pay attention to speeches. Others just can't wait for the meal to be done so they might get onto the dance floor. But a surprisingly large number of folks are generally up for nearly anything.

Obviously games have to be in line with proper wedding manners and must therefore be thoroughly prepared. One illustration is a speculating game regarding the happy couple where guests at individual tables play against each other. Another challenges your guests to a riddle which will uncover which table they may be seated at. Either way, it's almost guaranteed that men and women will enjoy being involved that way and it will merely add to their fun.