Dress attire for holiday partiesCredit: http://whitehouseevents.blogspot.com/2011_01_01_archive.htmlCredit: http://whitehouseevents.blogspot.com/2011_01_01_archive.html

The holidays are just around the corner and now is the time to start planning your holiday festivities.  Holiday parties are some of the best – the music, the delicious food, the holiday sounds and smells.  Whether you’re planning a neighborhood dinner party or hosting the extended family dinner get together, the following are a few tips to make sure that your holiday gatherings this year are perfect.

  • The food – When it comes to planning the food, stick with easy to prepare foods that can be  made ahead the night before or morning of, to reduce food preparation right before the get together.  Combine these simple to make items with some delicious store-bought goodies and your menu will be full of delicious foods that your guests will enjoy. In planning your menu, choose a few savory dishes and one or two sweet items. In addition, finger foods and easy to prepare dishes means less utensils, pots and pans which means less cleanup. Another great way to keep from having a fridge full of leftovers is to buy empty Chinese takeout boxes and send your guests home with a majority of the food that is left.
  • The décor – The party décor is a fun way to welcome your guests and get them excited for the holidays.  To set the mood for your holiday party, lower the lights and use candles to give the room a warm and welcoming vibe.  Decorate the room with white lights and metallic accents, garland and evergreen trees. Bring the holiday cheer by playing background Christmas music.  Put together a mix of fun songs along with instrumental and classic holiday music to set the perfect festive mood to your party.
  • The attire – It’s important to let your guests know ahead of time what type of party you’re throwing and what type of dress they should plan for: black tie, semi-formal, business casual, casual, etc.  This will also depend on the guest list.  If you’re hosting the family get together you can choose to go casual or dressy and even buy matching ties for the little boys and hair bows for the little girls to make it a little more fun.
  • The favors – Thank your guests for sharing their evening with you and attending your holiday party by sending each of your guests home with a thoughtful favor.  Whether it’s a couple holiday cookies wrapped in cellophane or your favorite holiday scented candle, a favor is a great way to wrap up your party and send everyone home happy.