Have you just got engaged? Are you dreaming about how you can plan the perfect wedding (with minimal stress)? Here are some tips for planning the perfect wedding:

1. Know What You and Your Fiancé Want

Sit down together and think about all the different aspects of what you would like at your wedding. For a while just forget about financial implications and other obstacles and just dream – the time to be realistic will come later. Write down all your dreams from the music that will play, who will play it, to your cake and dress.

2. Take a Look at Your Budget

Once you have taken some time to just dream together then sit down (possibly with your parents if they are also going to be contributing to the wedding costs) and decide which of the items on your list are realistic and where you are going to compromise. Also be honest and say if there are areas where you really don't want to compromise and perhaps you can cut costs elsewhere to get what you want in those special areas.

3. Involve Friends and Family

Involving friends and family is a great way to cut costs and help to make more of your dreams come true while making the occasion more special for them too. You should know where your friends and families' talents lie and what they have available that they would be prepared to assist you with – use this. Let's say that you really want to arrive on a white horse. You discover that hiring a special wedding one is a bit out of your budget but your friend Mary has a horse farm and a beautiful white horse on it – ask if you can use it (might take some training first but you still have some time).

4. Be Creative

Apart from using friends and family you can also consider how you can use your and your fiancé's talents in your wedding – remembering that you will be very busy and probably a little stressed already so don't over-commit yourself but be creative and do some things that you are going to find fun doing for your wedding and that will not be too stressful.

5. Don't Forget to Relax!

The only way you can truly enjoy your wedding day is if you are truly relaxed so remember to pamper yourself throughout your engagement – make time for lovely soaking baths with a book, or a walk in the countryside or whatever really appeals to you and makes you feel refreshed, relaxed and joyful.

This should carry through to your time with your fiancé as well – make time to just enjoy together – no wedding talk! Just go out to dinner, watch a movie or be together without thinking 'wedding'.