One of the most important and emotional parts of your day will be the wedding ceremony.

It is at this time you bring your two lives together as one, share your love and commitment for one another among family and friends. It is at this time you will require a celebrant who will legally bind your lives together to start your new journey through life.

It is important to find a celebrant with whom you feel relaxed, someone you can both form a good relationship with. You will be sharing personal information about yourselves with that person, so together you can create a ceremony unique to you as a couple.

Think about writing your own vows for your wedding ceremony. It will reflect the people you are and what your relationship means to you.

Get creative with your wedding ceremony, add fun and laughter and give your guests a wedding they will remember. Ask your celebrant for ideas, as they have attended more weddings than most - so will have some wonderful tips to share.

How long do you recommend a wedding ceremony go for?
Most ceremonies go for 20-30 minutes, however, it also depends on what you have in your ceremony, such as gifting a rose, releasing butterflies, wine ceremony, candle lighting, releasing doves or if you are involving children. You may also like to include readings or poems. However this is your day and you must have just what you desire.

What will the celebrant help us with?
Creating the ceremony of your dreams, one that brings out your personalities. My commitment is to create the ceremony that reflects you both; to provide you with a professional, personalized ceremony. One where you feel relaxed, truly enjoy it and talk about for a very long time.

What should we expect to pay for a celebrant?
You should expect to pay between $300-$400 for a professional qualified celebrant. A sound system is available to hire, this is cordless and your guests need to hear the ceremony - great for playing music.

How far in advance should we book a celebrant?
As soon as you have decide on where and when, make contact, as celebrants can be booked a year to 18 months in advance, especially between September and May.

Do you have a 'best tip' you can share with us?
Be highly organized well in advance as this will lead to less stress on your wedding day. Have a wedding rehearsal. Relax and enjoy your day.