Planning your accommodation is an important part of any holiday. Everyone has their own specifications, depending who they’re travelling with and what their interests are, and then on top of that there’s usually a budget that you’re trying to stick to, which can make the decision even trickier.

Luckily, North Cyprus has a lot of high quality hotels and villas, and due to it being a small region wherever you stay will still offer plenty of access to the various areas and their attractions (along with an assurance that you’ll be close, if not located on a beach). One thing that always makes choosing a hotel easier though is a good deal.

Affordable Hotels in North Cyprus

Prices for hotels in North Cyprus of course vary depending when you visit. For example, you’re much more likely to get a good deal in an off peak season like May rather than say, July-September. Many do however provide discounts and deals throughout the year, and though this can still be subject to the tour operator that you book with, if you keep an eye out you’re likely to spot something good.

For families there’s Oscars, which has a very welcoming, traditional feel to it, and once again is great value for money. At just £440 per person for seven nights stay in April, with all flights, transfers and taxes and duties included if you fly with Direct Traveller, who are specialist North Cyprus tour operators you can’t go far wrong. Especially when there are also three swimming pools and a spa and wellness centre included.

One very affordable five star hotel in North Cyprus is the Arkin Palm Beach Hotel. A beachfront location, closeness to the town centre, spa facilities, casino and plethora of restaurants and bars provide a standard of service that you can’t argue with. Prices for 7 nights at the Palm Beach can start from just £380 if booked in March.

The four star Pia Bella Hotel is in the North Cyprus hot spot of Kyrenia, and due to being family run has a very personal feel to it. It is also just 1 mile from the town centre and 3 miles from the beach, so that when you’re not making the most of the two swimming pools you can take a stroll down to the sea. The prices for this are also very reasonable, especially considering the standard of the hotel. In the month of March, if you book with Direct Traveller, prices are from £365, which includes once again all flights and transfers etc.

While the above is only a small example of what prices for North Cyprus accommodation can be like, it should offer a representation of the quality of accommodation that you get for such prices.

Affordable Villa Packages in North Cyprus

There are a number of villas available in North Cyprus. Direct Traveller in particular offer villas with a sea view and private pool from just £389 for four people sharing in the winter period or from £439 in the summer. Villas can also be part of any tailor made holidays, which is something to consider if you fancy staying in two different parts of the region or having one week in a more private atmosphere and then another week in a livelier hotel, for example.

Best Luxury Hotels in Kyrenia

There are plenty of four and five star hotels in North Cyprus that can provide an excellent location and great facilities. There are also some lovely boutique hotels, such as the Korineum Golf and Beach Club, which is extremely luxurious through its extensive golfing facilities and location that sits just 1.5km from the beach and looks out spectacularly over the Mediterranean Sea and Kyrenia Mountain Range. On top of this there’s a spa and wellness centre that includes a multitude of treatments, a fitness centre, and more. The Korineum has a lot to offer, and even more so if you love to golf.

For those looking for an equally luxurious hotel as the Korineum, but with less of an emphasis on golf and in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Bellapais, the Bella View Hotel is very low key, as a small establishment that is elegant in design and provides great service in a friendly atmosphere. The architecture of the hotel also feels very much entwined with the surrounding nature, which bathes the ambience in tranquility.

When it comes to North Cyprus, the gap between bargain hotels and luxury hotels isn’t as dramatic as in other places. Whether three star or five star you should be guaranteed good service from the majority, though of course, it’s always best to research before booking anything and to ensure that no matter what the price or rating it is in a convenient location for you with the facilities you’re looking for.

Accommodation in North Cyprus