Today is Monday 29th March 2010.

Easter for this year, in the UK, will see Good Friday on 2nd April and Easter Monday on 5th April. As the first day of Spring was on the 21st March we should all be in for a great time, with plenty of outdoor activities, right?

Well, No, actually.

After seeing brief glimpses of Spring, over the last few weeks, daffodils and other Spring flowers are beginning to bloom but now snow is forecast for the coming week and possibly the Easter break. School children began their couple of weeks Easter holidays on Friday 26th March so what on earth can you do to keep them happy if the weather turns inclement?

Well of course if the snow is substantial children, and plenty of adults, will enjoy making snowmen, sledging, skating and other fun activities in the snow. If the snow is less substantial it may just be a pain in the backside and hinder travel. One thing is for sure, if the weather is bad, the usual Easter activities of gardening, barbecues and day trips to the coast will be off the agenda.

Here are a few ideas for making the most of your Easter weekend break, come hail, hell or high water, as they say.

Egg Hunts.

Who declared that a egg hunt had to take place outdoors? If space allows set up a egg hunt indoors.

Egg painting.

Egg painting can be fun for young and old alike. In countries such as Greece these decotrated eggs are given, as small gifts, to neighbours and the like. Have an egg painting session, or two, with prizes for the best efforts. A themed egg painting session could produce some entertaining results. For example, how about painting each other. Young children should enjoy painting a family of eggs.


Museums and Art Galleries will be open, usually apart from Good Friday. Most have a reduced opening time on Sundays. Check out the museum's or gallery's website before visting just to make sure. Why waste valuable time visiting somewhere that is closed?


The cinema may be the best option for entertainment. With children on holiday most cinemas are running a varied, child friendly itinerary. Some will have special price offers also. Remember that cinemas will be busy over the Easter period, so book in advance if possible.

The television will be running the usual repeats, such as The Great Escape, for the ten millionth time. DVD rental may be less popular lately but this could be a good option also. Over the Easter Weekend large DVD rental stores will have special deals aimed at attracting customers. If the weather is dismal a family film could be just what you need.


Of course, walking is almost free, apart from the shoe leather, and can still be enjoyable when the weather is less pleasant. Dress acordingly and pick your location well in order to have some fun.

Sports facilities.

For those who want to be active, try popping along to your local swimming baths or sports centre. Go in a group if you fancy enjoying competitive sports.

Easter gifts.

If nearer the Easter weekend you are certain that the weather will be bad, consider buying a different Easter gift. A new game for the Wii or Gameboy could offer hours of entertainment. A book or DVD could happily occupied until they return to school.


For many adults the Easter holiday will be about Spring cleaning and, or, decorating the home. A splash of paint can make all the difference to a room and this weekend may give you the time needed.

However, most people never get enough free time to simply enjoy life. Whether it is a family get together, a party, church, Easter lunch at a restaurant or a visit to theatre, try to make time to spoil yourself.

Remember, to book early, though, for any activity. If the weather plays its usual British trick people will be making last minute changes to their plans and you could be left out in the cold. Literally.