Choosing Botanical and Flower Baby Names

In English and other languages, many given names are derived from the names of plants, especially flowers.  In English-speaking countries, flower baby names for girls remain some of the most popular monikers decade after decade.  Though baby naming fads change over the years, with some plant names rising and others declining in popularity, botanical baby names have always been classic standbys--giving the impression of good breeding and high culture.  Below is a list of traditional and trendier first names based on flowers and other plants.


Old-Fashioned Flower Names for Girls

Myrtle, Amaryllis, Camelia & Camellia, Chrysanthe, Dahlia, Daisy, Flora (Spanish for "flower"), Hyacinth, Olive, Olivia, Poppy, Petunia, Tansy, Rosemary, Delphine, Rhoda, Jessamine (derived from "jasmine"), Angelica, Magnolia.


Kirstenbosch National Botanical GardensTrendy Plant and Flower Names for Girls

Willow, Sorrel, Saffron, Primrose, Fleur (French for "flower"), Freesia, Amaranth, Apple, Aster, Bryony, Calla, Calla Lily, Briar, Briar Rose, Juniper, Lavender, Lotus, Petal, Leilani, Linnea, Larkspur, Wisteria, Zahara (Hebrew for "flower"), Jonquil, Jacinda, Clematis, Rowan, Meadow.


Classic and Modern Flower Names for Girls

Violet, Elodie, Sage, Rose, Rosa, Rosalie, Ginger, Hazel, Heather, Holly, Iris, Ivy, Jasmine, Lily, Blossom, Daisy, Daphne, Fern, Laurel, Shasta, Valerian, Valerie, Lilac, Melissa (a plant commonly known as "lemon balm"), Alyssa (from the plant genus Alyssum).


Tree, Herb, and Flower Names for Boys

Basil, Aster, Bryony, Sorrel, Clove, Larkspur, Shasta, Forest, Florent, Fiorello, Florian, Oakley, Thorn, Jonquil, Jacinto, Linden, Hawthorne & Hawthorn, Reed, Heath, Birch, Sylvio, Sylvester (from the Latin for "forest"),  Rowan, Oliver, Ash, Aspen, Cedar, Sage, Indigo. 

Field of Daisies

Most Popular Plant Names

According to US census data, the top-ranking plant or flower name for girls or boys born between 2011 and 2003 was Olivia.  For girls and boys born between 1968 and 1982, the top-ranking plant name was Melissa.  No masculine names derived from trees, herbs, or flowers has ever ranked in the top 10 of baby names in the US, as parents tend to prefer Biblical or traditional English names for boys.