Planting a terrarium is not only practical, its fun.

There is an appeal for all ages in planting a terrarium. For a child, a terrarium is a miniature garden that he or she can watch grow and change. For an adult, it can be and incubator to give house plants as good a start as they would get in a greenhouse. It is especially attractive at night when the plants can be lighted from above and imparted with a soft glow.

Terrariums can be created from aquarium tanks, large brandy snifters or glass bowls, or you can construct one of glass and wood. Shop around for an attractive container in which to create an unusual terrarium. A cover of glass should be provided, or a cover can be improvised with plastic wrap or some other material. Some terrariums can be left open, but you must be certain to check more often for watering requirements of certain plants.

Large terrariums can be used to freshen potted plants in their containers, or they can be landscaped will hills, trees, pools or even waterfalls. It is so easy to use your imagination, so be creative.

Planting: Air in a terrarium stays humid, as in a greenhouse, so the climate is ideal for a variety of houseplants, tropicals and semi-tropicals. Choose young, slow growing plants that won't crowd one another. Seedling sized plants are easy to obtain and work very well in terrariums.

Leaving the plants in their pots will limit their growth and allow you to move them around or thin them out without disrupting the whole planting. Place the largest plant first, then add bark, peat moss, or soil. Then arrange the smaller plants and cover the pots with soil, just up to, but not covering, the base of the stems. Wet the plants and sirrounding material. Water condensation on the glass each night will indicate moisture inside. Remove the cover to allow some of the moisture to escape. Don't water again until the soil feels almost dry, this may be for several months.

Moss, stones or marbles can be placed next to the glass so that the soil isn't visible from the outside and fluorescent lights can be used to effectively to help the growth of plants in a terrarium.

Many plants are adaptable for growing in a terrarium, experiment and find out what ones do well for you. Try African violets, ferns, moss, small orchids, small philodendrons, ivy, begonias, small palms.

Planting a Terrarium
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Aquarium Planter
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