moss topiary hanging flower basket 2010

Traditional topiary flower baskets

Sustainable moss hanging baskets are used all over the world in summer, and now with the green revolution, topiary is more popular than ever. No plastic pots involved, just a little wire and sphagnum moss to decorate your summer patio. Wire baskets can be used season to season, don't break, and create an unusually natural vista.

mossed wire hanging flower basket

Nothing is prettier than topiary green sphagnum moss hanging baskets abounding with flowers in the summer. This article will teach you how to plant these wire hanging baskets and where to buy the topiary wire baskets.

moss hanging flower basket 2010moss hanging flower basket nasturtiumsmoss wire hanging flower baskets

* 2 bags sphagnum moss
* 18" wire basket
* potting soil
* bucket
* plastic gloves
aluminum pans

Order your wire basket from a reliable source. Walt Disney World has used these wire mossed baskets for years. The wire baskets come in all sizes; 16-18" is ideal for a patio. Creating a moss hanging wire basket uses the gardener's technique for topiary, which can be very involved, or very simple. This topiary is very easy to accomplish.

Fill the bucket with water and soak the sphagnum moss until saturated.
With gloves on, use the largest pieces of moss to line the bottom of your basket. Work your way up the sides of the wire basket, placing the saturated moss. The moss will dry and shrink, so make sure to pad it on the top edges.

Place about an inch or two of potting soil in the bottom of the basket.
Punch holes in the aluminum pan for drainage. Insert the pan and continue filling the wire basket with potting soil. You can add a little time released fertilizer granules at this time as well.

Water the basket and the potting soil with the spray of your hose and let sit for at least a day before adding your flowers. Impatiens and tuberous begonias are good shade flowers. All the ivies and vincas are great fillers. Mix solid green leaves with variegated for visual distinction.
Also, fuschia are available in many different colors and make a nice center planting with lower growing flowers placed on the edge of the basket. For the sunny side, plant million bells, sweet alyssum, and impatiens will take some sun as well.

Nasturtiums are great for a sunny exposure and are very inexpensive. Million Bells petunias go well for sunny exposure and are almost maintenance free.

Do not hang the wire baskets after planting until they have been sitting flat for at least a day or more.