Some of the most colorful flowers have bulbs that need to be planted in the spring. These summer flowering bulbs are planted, and then they must be harvested later on in the fall if you live in a northern climate.

These types of summer bulbs are known as tender bulbs, because they need to be harvested before the first frost, or they will die. You will need to store the bulbs in a warm and dry place after you have harvested them. They will be ready to plant next spring provided they have not been frozen or molded over the winter.

If you are willing to put forth the effort, you will be rewarded with a yard that will look absolutely unforgettable. These plants grow tall, and then they have flowers that bloom in brillant colors.

There are many different kinds of summer flowering bulbs, here are some examples and a description of each:

Canna Lillies: There are many different varieties of Canna Lillies.  The difference is the color of the flower. Some of the varieties have multi-colored flowers. These plants prefer soil that is consistently moist, so plan on watering the plants often. The bulbs need to be harvested before the first frost and stored in a warm place for the winter. Most canna lillies grow up to four feet tall. Canna lillies are my personal favorite when it comes to summer flowering bulbs because they grow tall and they have rows of brillantly colored flowers. That is why I included a photo of some in this article.

Dahlias: These hardy plants come with flowers that bloom in all shapes, sizes, and colors.Dahlia bulbs can only be planted after the soil has reached temperatures great than 60 degrees F. You will want to plant the bulb at least 12 inches down and then cover it with loose soil. Most dahlias will grow to heights of three to four feet. Dahilas have a very full flower. It is not surprisng that one of the varieties is known as the pom-pom because its flower's shape is reminescent of one.

Remember that their bulbs must be dug up every fall and stored in a warm and dry place for the duration of the winter.

Crocosmia: These flowering bulbs were native to South Africa and are members of the iris family and their tube-shaped flowers come in red, yellow, orange and yellow, or orange with spots. These plants will grow up to four feet tall in a single season.

Plant the flowering bulbs four to five inches deep and 4 to five inches diameter from the next bulb. The plants grow best with direct sunlight.

You have many different summer flowering bulbs to choose from. The one thing that they all have in common is that they will all add beauty to your yard. if you are willing to put a little sweat equity into your yard, you will be rewarded with some amazing displays of color this summer with summer flowering bulbs.

canna lilliesCredit: garden guidesCredit: garden guides