There is a large variety of plantation shutters on sale in online stores, so if you are in line for some new shutters you should be able to find what you are looking for after making a simple search online. The choices will vary from the expensive premium hardwood type to the cheap, and easily affordable vinyl shutters. You are also able to request custom designed shutters online, where you can specify the type of wood, color or stain, and size you like.

Stock size wood shutters are the cheapest version of real wood shutters that you can buy. They are usually made from Basswood and are not customizable. While you are usually able to choose the height you want, other features such as louver size or the size of the slats are often set. Wood blinds are not always the best choice however, especially if you live in an area where your windows are exposed to either very hot, direct sunlight or high levels of humidity. Either of those conditions can damage some wood shutters, especially the cheaper, non treated ones. Faux blinds do tend to hold up better under less idea weather conditions, as do vinyl shutters, both of which are usually a good deal cheaper than wood shutters.

You can also find very high-end, top quality designer plantation shutters online. These are made from top quality hardwood, and have a beautiful grain and finish. The plus with ordering designer shutters is that you are usually able to have them highly customized to suit your window and your décor. It is even possible to order these for arched windows, though it can be a bit tricky passing on exact measurements online when you have an unusually shaped window. Of course, designer shutters do cost a lot more than the lower end ones, but they look fantastic and they often last for generations if they are made from solid, good quality wood. Adding these shutters to your home will also increase its resale value tremendously.

Many cases, if ordering online, you are able to request to see an actual sample of the wood, grain and stains that are available. This is a very good option, as it is difficult to tell just from looking at a computer monitor, exactly what the color and stain look like. It is much better to receive a sample to compare. Most plantation shutters ordered online are meant to be installed by the customer, so if you are not very adept at home improvement type activities, you may want to hire a professional to help you install them--especially if you ordered high-end, expensive ones.