edible flower gardenCredit: http://mrg.bz/cW80AI; By phaewilk

We’ve heard a lot about edible weeds, like the dandelion but here are some common flowers that are actually edible.  They create color and flavor in your kitchen.  If you plan on using flowers in the kitchen for garnish and eating, you need to make sure they are organic. Best way to be sure is to grow them yourself with no pesticides.  The petals are the edible part of the flower in most cases.

These are best started as seedlings and then transplanted into containers or to a flower bed using organic methods.  Do not transplant outside until after the last frost.

Edible flowers are most often seen on wedding cakes and on desserts in expensive restaurants.  This can add a nice color to your dishes and a great touch when you’re entertaining.  Even if you don’t want to eat these flowers, using them for garnish is a nice way to present a dish or dessert.


PansyCredit: http://mrg.bz/lKWxsY; By loneangel


This flower is good tasting and great for salads. These are fairly easy to grow and can even be grown in pots or hanging baskets.  Germination will take a couple of weeks if you are starting them from seeds. These have a minty taste.



These can be used uncooked. It tastes good in salad and has a taste similar to pepper.  These are very easy growers and easy to maintain. Both the flowers and leaves are edible.



There are more than 15 types of roses in which each and every one will taste different.  There may be very little flavor.  There are so many ways you can grow roses. You can grow them in container gardens on your patio and you could grow climbers as well as in your garden.

RosesCredit: http://mrg.bz/P4ilFP; By kabir


Tulips- The petals are good in Tuna fish and it has a kind of bean flavor. Tulips are very hardy flowers and can usually resist pests. These flowers love sandy soil.


Marigolds- Marigolds taste good in deviled eggs which give it citrus flavor.  They are very easy to plant from seed. They can be grown in partial to full sun.  These flowers naturally repel insects, so growing them in your garden will have an added benefit.


Lilacs- You can use lilacs in Chicken dishes and it gives it a grassy taste.  They are simple to grow and they also make a nice garnish.

You should not eat the pollen of any flower as well as if you have allergies it is not recommended. When starting seedlings, always read the seed packet for exact directions in growing and maintainig your plants.