Planting Grass Seed Successfully-The Best Way For Your Grass To Grow

The way in which you go about planting grass seed will either make or break your grass! Many people have spent hours planting grass seed, and have seen nearly horrible results; whereas, others have spent a mere half of an hour doing the same, and have seem astonishing results that even professional landscapers would drop their jaws to. What many people fail to understand about this subject matter is that more is not necessarily better; you planting more grass seeds, spending more time planting, or increasing the watering will not necessarily ensure that better grass grows out of your attempts. Planting grass seed successfully is more about knowledge, skill and precision. This article will provide you with the knowledge that you will need when planting grass seed, the skills will be acquired through the actual planting process, and the precision will be determined by how much effort you actually put into doing it right! Use the information, tips, and tricks that will be provided in this article to ensure that you are planting grass seed successfully the next time that you decide to grow your grass!

Ensure That The Soil Is Ready

This tip should fall under the preparation section when planting grass seed. A simple analogy that would be comparable to this is the common phrase in the carpentry industry that goes "measure twice, cut once"; moreover, it simply means that the preparation for the action is twice as important as the actual action. When it come to planting grass seed, the tilling of the soil can be considered the preparation for the action, and the planting can be considered the action. When preparing for the planting, you should till the soil, till once again, and when you think you are finished...till it once more. The softer the soil is, the more efficiently that it will be able to allow the new grass to grow! A rule of thumb is that you should sink in about 3 inches by simply walking on the soil that has been tilled. Once you have tilled the soil enough, you can safely say that you have prepared for planting grass seed.

Spread That Grass Seed

This tip should fall under the "action" section of this planting grass seed instructional! Your main goal when spreading the grass seeds should be to distribute them amongst the ground as evenly as possible. The distribution of them evenly, allows them to grow uniformly, and straight up rather than at an angle; this is what will make your grass look amazing when planting grass seed. The best way to spread the seeds evenly is to do it twice. The law of averages shows that the more you do something, the more consistent its average results will get; since consistent average space between grass seeds is our goal, spreading the seeds twice will allow the law of averages to take effect because there will be more seeds than simply spreading them once. To do this effectively you should spread the seeds once in one direction, and the second time in the opposite direction. Spreading the seeds properly is a crucial step in planting grass seed successfully.

Use The Right Fertilizer

When planting grass seed successfully it is important to use the proper fertilizer for the job. There are 3 numbers on every bag of fertilizer; an easy way to remember what those numbers mean is "up-down-all around". This means that the first number is the power of the fertilizer to help the grass grow higher, the second number is the power to make the roots grow lower into the ground, and the third number is the power to make the grass greener and better in an all around matter. When planting grass seed, the right fertilizer would be one with high first and second numbers; this would mean that it has the power to strengthen the roots of the grass, and allow it to grow high quickly. The third number on the fertilizer is not nearly as important, but should still be considered when purchasing it. Choosing the right fertilizer should be done after the seeds have been spread, and is absolutely necessary for planting grass seed successfully.

Spread That Peat Moss

The most assistance that you can give growing grass is moisture retention; moreover, peat moss will do this and is a necessary step when planting grass seed successfully. It is important that you spread peat moss across the entire seeded area; this should also be done evenly, and in discretion. You should spread a layer that is about 1/4 inch thick; this will allow the water to get to the seeds in the soil, but still retain that moisture within the soil. Pete moss can be substituted for any other mulch, but is definitely a necessary step when planting grass seed successfully!

Water And Watch!

This is the final step in planting grass seed successfully, and probably the most rewarding by far! The amount of water that you soak into the soil will slightly vary depending on what type of fertilizer and grass seeds that you have used; however, all packages will include directions regarding how much water to provide. You should also continue to water the grass seeds as you watch them grown into full size strands of grass. One thing that you must remember when you are planting grass seed successfully is that water is to grass as the fuel is to your car; your car cannot run without fuel, just as grass cannot grow without water! Use your discretion when watering as too much water will actually harm the grass seeds; however, use enough water to allow them to grow. This may seem difficult at first, but use your judgement to see what results each amount of water is producing and you will be just fine at planting grass seed successfully!

It may seem quite difficult when you are first learning about planting grass seed successfully; there are a lot of do's and don'ts, and definitely a lot of judgement calls of your own. However, after reading this article, you should have a better grasp over all of these things. Use the knowledge that this article has provided the next time that you are planting grass seed, and you will have no problem producing results that will keep your neighbours starring out of their windows for the entire summer!