The Leyland cypress is a rapid growing tree that grows 3 to 4 feet annually. Leyland cypress trees are commonly grown for privacy, natural fencing and used as a Christmas tree in some locations; thus, making this crop very popular in most states found in the USA. You can easily plant and grow Leyland cypress trees with proper planting and tree staking.

Planting Times and Locations

Plant your Leyland cypress trees 2 months before the first frost or 2 months after the final frost to insure adequate health of your crops. Select locations where your tree or trees will not become a nuisance. Each Leyland cypress tree is capable of reaching maximum heights of around 65 feet and around 20 feet in width. Insure that your planting locations will receive full or partial shade daily due to the preferences of the Leyland cypress tree.

Items Needed

Gather a pointed shovel and buy enough bags of sand to be able to make an 80/20 soil-sand mixture for all of your Leyland cypress trees. Purchase tree stakes and a bundle of nylon or polyester rope at your local garden center. Collect a couple jugs of water or round up a garden hose for use after planting each Leyland cypress tree.

Planting and Staking

Dig out a hole for each Leyland cypress that is twice the height and width of the root ball with your pointed shovel. Keep each hole at least 8 foot apart from each other to prevent overcrowding when your Leyland cypress trees mature. Place the Leyland cypress tree in the hole. Take the dirt that you just dug out and make an 80/20 dirt-sand mixture for adequate ground drainage. Cover your cypress tree roots all the way to ground level. Lightly pat down the soil around the truck of your tree. Water the soil around your Leyland cypress trees until the soil becomes very damp but not soggy to get rid of air pockets underground.

Take 3 stakes for each Leyland cypress and stick them in the ground so that they would form a triangle around the tree if they were to be connected. Insure that each stake is 2 to 3 feet away from the tree. Take your hammer and tap down each stake to insure the stakes do not fall over. Measure and cut pieces of the rope to lengths of 3 and a 1/2 feet. Tie the pieces of the rope to each stake. Gently loop each piece of rope through a branch on your Leyland cypress tree but do not use any of the same branches for more than two ropes. Pull the rope so that is tight by not excessive where it will pull your tree over. Tie off each rope by making a single loop knot for easy removal. Use the single loop knot reference below for your convenience on how to make one if you do not know how. Remove stakes a year after planting your Leyland cypress trees.