Climbing Flowers to Consider When Gardening

Every garden has a place for climbing plants. A big garden needs them for training over and softening sharp corners, pergolas and fences that divides it up into smaller parts. A small garden demands that the vertical space be used to the maximum, thus making the climbers useful. They create a third dimension 'green' appearance within the garden, like no other plant. Some of these trellis plants include:

English Ivy

It's an evergreen aggressive climber that can grow up to 30 meters high as long as a suitable surface such as a wall and a large tree is available to climb over. They cling onto surfaces and will run over any other plants within the vicinity.

Ivies are mostly used as outdoor plants but they can also be used effectively in window boxes, vases and other raised decorative pots where the vines cascade from the containers. Ivy adds line, texture and color to visually soften structural elements and add pattern to a landscape design if properly used in the landscape.

Climbing Flowers to Consider When Gardening-English Ivy

Climbing Roses

Roses are not natural climbers, but among its varieties are vines that develop canes that are well adapted to training on pillars, fences and gazebos. they are incredible bloomers with large, single flowers or grouped blooms and different colors.

Training must start when the plants is relatively young and easily adaptable. The young plant is tied loosely onto its support structure, which can be anything from as arch to a tree. To increase their flowers, climbing roses are trained so that their canes head in a horizontal direction.

Climbing Flowers to Consider When Gardening-Climbing Roses

Morning Glory

Morning glory flowers get their name from an interesting habit. When the sun is up and hot, they curl up and close. In the morning or in a cloudy day, the flowers opens up happily as if to make up for the dim sunshine. This process is most exciting when the sun suddenly appears and you see the flowers actually curling.

Morning glory flowers are one of the best flowers to decorate your fences and walls. Their light and flexible stems twist beautifully around their support frame. They, however, don't make the best screens since they are rather thin and scanty.

Climbing Flowers to Consider When Gardening-Morning Glory


Trumpet Vine

These are climbing vines that produce yellow or orange flowers resembling little trumpets. The flowers contrast beautifully against their thick dark green leaves. they are heavy bloomers and will attract humming birds, bees and all sorts of butterflies to your backyard.

They are great for general screening where results are needed fast. they can grow in low water areas as well as well. This quality makes them suitable for use when water is in limited supply.

Climbing Flowers to Consider When Gardening-Trumpet Vine

Passion vine

There are dozens of passion vines out there, both edible and non-edible. But all are known for their interesting flowers. A close look at a passion vine flower and you get the feeling that it is something from outer space.

Passion vines make dependable climbers for a range of applications. Though, they especially look great when trained over trellises and structural supports.

Climbing Flowers to Consider When Gardening-Passion vine