Plants vs. Zombies(127673)

Plants vs. Zombies show's us what our normal garden plants are capable of when we are not looking.  The plants will defend against the zombie attack while earning you coins to buy more plant types and other game modes.  

At the beginning of most levels in adventure mode, you will pick from an assortment of plants to defend your yard.  At this same screen you will be able to see the types of zombies you will meet.  For those that want to plan out their attack, use this information wisely and you shall be rewarded.  To help with this, eventually there is an almanac that will educate you on all the need-to-know information on your plants and zombies so that you can make the most effective plan.  In order to plant your defenses, you must pay for them with sun.  Sun is collected in the daytime levels falling from the sky and from "Sunflowers".  In the night levels you will only get sun from "Sun-Shrooms" and "Sunflowers".

The variety of zombies and plants will keep you coming back for more. You will love the time you spend to find the best combination of plants to bring into each fight and even more using different strategies to beat each wave of attack.  Be prepared!  After each wave, a horde of zombies comes in for a huge assault!!

Then, throughout the same mode the zombies still come but the mode of attack changes.  Some levels have you go bowling with "Walnuts" and others specifically give you plants to use over a time that arrive to you on a conveyor belt without having to pay for them with sun.

And that's just adventure mode!!


As the game progresses, more modes become available. Some modes have to be earned while some modes are purchased from coins that are picked up throughout the levels.  One such mode is the Zen garden.


Zen Garden allows you to raise your plants from just a baby to its full size.  Once matured, you can use the zen garden to earn you more coins.  This can be used as an effective strategy to gain access to the extra game play modes.

Select your plants
Adventure Mode
Zen Garden

Other modes include Puzzle, Mini Games and Quick Play.  Quick Play let's you decide which level type you'd like to play through and can help you work out your strategy for the different levels.  Achievements can be earned and displayed for all of your friends to see in Game Center.

I have played this game since shortly after its release in early 2010 and have not stopped playing it since.  PopCap has always continued to deliver new content through App updates as well as bug fixes.  This is a game that can be played for hours on end or just a level at a time when you have a few minutes to spare.  At $2.99 this is an amazing value and I would urge you to check it out if you're looking for a game that provides content.

Also, PopCap has confirmed they are working on Plants vs. Zombies 2 which I have high expectations for due to how well they have done with the original.

Game Modes

In all, PopCap has done an astonishing job with the visuals, the music and the sound effects and should be commended. Definitely worth the purchase, even three years later!

This App was reviewed using an iPhone 4, 4S and 5.


Developer: PopCap Games, Inc.

Last Update: October 10, 2012

Release Date: January 20, 2010

File Size: 76.5MB