Plasma technology is making waves in the television industry today. The biggest advantage held by this technology is the fact that it's slim, making it mountable on walls and saving a huge amount of floor space.

Of course, it's not about just saving space –there are also other factors that you should consider in your purchase of a plasma flat screen TV.

The first factor you need to consider is screen size. Despite the fact that virtually all plasma monitors are able to display High-Definition images, the size of the screen still matters in terms of viewing experience.

This is because smaller screen require one to be closer to the screen in order to see the little details that make HDTV so immersing.

Another great thing about Plasma TVs today is the contrast ratio. Basically, it's the ability of the screen to display lights and darks at the same time. The best way to judge this is to see the various differences between shades of black.

Think of taking a look at an image of a black-clad ninja crouched hidden against a black background. How much of the ninja can you actually see or can you even see him at all?

Plasma flat screen TVs, like other types of television sets, need a good signal in order to display good images. When picking a TV set, make sure that the particular model accepts universal inputs.

This enables you to watch regular TV signals as well as HDTV, among others. Some models are actually only made to watch HDTV and your typical cable signals can make them go crazy.

Another thing you should look for is adjustability. Just how much can you tweak the display settings of the plasma screen? This is important because you obviously have a specific preference when it comes to the display settings.

Sure, the default factory settings are meant to please just about every customer, but wouldn't it be better if you can choose your viewing experience?

It might seem trivial, but you should also check out the remote control that comes with the plasma flat screen TV. Make sure that you can use it well and that you won't lose it easily.