Our technology today is on its fastest phase, coming up with the newest digital creations and inventions in a constant level. We have to be always on our toes to keep up with the phase.

Between a plasma and an LCD TV which one would you choose? Both can provide you with plenty of benefits and both have different flaws as well. Plasma vs. LCD TV, it's a debate that will continue to go on unless a new invention comes up and ends it.

There are plenty of things you have to think about before you dump your old CRT television in the trash. What are you going to replace it with? A plasma or an LCD? These two are the newest trend in television.

Being the latest innovation, you can expect that once you've chosen either of the two, your television viewing days are set to newer heights with state-of-the-art equipment.

Plasma TVs belong to the slim profile line of televisions. It is so slim you can mount it on your wall like a large picture frame. It is consisted of cells millions in number filled with multi-colored gas.

The cells light up every time electricity passes through it and produces rich-colored pictures with eye catching sharp crisp images. The screen of a plasma TV has a higher resolution but compared to LCD TVs, the latter can provide more screen pixels than Plasma TV does.

Plasma vs. LCD TV, plasma TV screen offers sharper images in great rich-colored details. A slight edge over LCD TV but they're catching up though. LCD compared to plasma televisions are lighter and thinner and they are most commonly used a monitors for computers.

LCD or light crystal display televisions have screens that are filled with liquid crystals in thin layers placed in between of two glass plates. The same with plasma TVs, the liquid crystals with its tiny arrays of multi-colored pixels light up and creates beautiful images when passed through with electricity.

When it comes to the screen life of both television, LCD has s slightly longer screen life compared to plasma TVs. Plasma TVs are subject to get 'burn in' when still images are displayed for longer periods of time like when you playing video games. LCD television does not experience this kind of problem, making it a more practical choice for those video game lovers out there.

The debate between plasma vs. LCD TV can go on and on. But the decision will be made by you alone. You can fatten yourself up with all the information you'll get from each of these two different types of television.

No matter what you choose, just remember that it's for entertainment purposes; you should have all the enjoyment out of your choice as much as you can.