Plastic Bag Holder

Who should buy a plastic bag holder?

With the rapidly growing "eco-awareness" movement, many people are trying to do their part to help save the environment. Some take drastic measures by trading in their cars for smaller more fuel efficient models, while some people upgrade their home heating and cooling systems to be more efficient. Many researchers argue that it's not just the big steps that make a difference, but also the little changes you can make in your routine that really add up. One of easiest changes you can make is as simple as changing the way you grocery shop.

The average person uses over 350 plastic shopping bags per year without even realizing it. Every time you make a quick stop at the drug store, or get your meat double bagged the grocery store you are contributing to the billions of plastic grocery bags in the landfills. Unfortunately it's not as easy to permanently dispose of a bag as it is to create it. Plastic bags sit in landfills for up to 450 years before bio-degrading. Even "recycling' plastic bags emits toxic pollutions into the atmosphere that will one day harm our grandchildren.

Reusable Grocery Bags:

The best defense against contributing to reducing our plastic bag waste is to start using the fabric "reusable" grocery bags that you bring from home to the grocer store. If every New Yorker used ONE less bag per year it would reduce waste by 5 million pounds. Imagine if everyone in the country stopped using plastic bags and started bringing fabric reusable bags from home!

However, most people prefer convenience over thinking about our children's future so the idea of everyone committing to using fabric grocery bags is not very realistic. However there is something you can do that is simple and convenient that will not only reduce waste in landfills, but also lower the amount of pollutants caused by plastic recycling: save and reuse your plastic bags at home in a "plastic grocery bag dispenser."

Some people already keep their plastic bags at home to re-purpose them, but find that they clutter the area in the pantry or under the sink. A plastic bag holder simply confines all of the plastic bags into one "dispenser." When you need a bag, instead of searching through the closet, simply pull one out from the bottom of your plastic bag holder.

Types of grocery bag dispensers:

Plastic bag holders come in a variety of forms and sizes. Everything from simple fabric "tubes" to stylish stainless steel plastic bag dispensers- you can surely find a holder that fits the space and style of your home.
Once you have started collecting plastic bags at home in their dispenser, here are some ways to "re-purpose" the bags in ways you might not have thought:
1. Dog "litter" bag- Rather than buy the small plastic bags made for dog litter and add to the landfills, just use old grocery bags.
2. Laundry- Instead of wasting a trash bag, use two or three plastic grocery bags and distribute the weight of your clothes over two hands!
3. Lunch bag- Don't pay for lunch bags, just pull a bag out of the plastic bag holder.
4. Packaging- Instead of purchasing wasteful and harmful Styrofoam peanuts, stuff the contents of your package with old plastic bags.
5. Trash bags- Of course we couldn't forget to mention the easiest and most convenient use of all; use old grocery bags as a liner in small bathroom or office trash cans.

Even if you can't make huge changes in your routine, using these simple tips you can do your part to help save the environment, not to mention save money by reusing plastic grocery bags around the house.