Plastic divider boxes are versatile storage containers that allow you to customize their inside partitions. Whether you use them at home to help your kids organize their toys and craft supplies, or at work to  make filing manageable, plastic divider boxes can be arranged to suit any task. These durable crates also work great for construction, fishing, shooting, hunting or marine applications. For example, you can take a large plastic divider box and arrange the plastic partitions to create several compartments of the same size which can hold your various tackles and bobs. Or, you can keep different kinds of ammunition separated and sorted by using the larger compartments in your plastic divider boxes. 

Cheap Plastic Divider Box with Many Compartments For Fishing or Hunting

Plastic Divider Boxes - Strong Enough for Outdoor Use

What makes plastic divider boxes so versatile is that they are tough and durable enough to be taken outside and into the woods. Many camping enthusiasts rely on these tough storage boxes to keep crucial supplies clean and dry, such as kindling and matches. If you know a camp chef that loves to set up the kitchen as soon as they get to their resting spot, one of these sturdy containers could make the perfect gift. They can keep their various spices and flavorings on the top shelf and put their bags of beans and containers of veggies in comparments on the bottom. The durable plastic construction keeps the rain and moisture out and makes these contianers ideal for travel. 


Using Plastic Divider Boxes at Home

These special containers have a softer side, too. Many parents reach a certain point where they no longer enough stepping on sharp metal soldiers or angular wooden blocks at night while walking to the bathroom. If you should reach this point yourself, you don't have to go on a toy-discarding rampage.

You can reach a happy medium by getting a few inexpensive plastic divider boxes and setting up compartments that will accomodate your children's various toys and playthings. If you are crafty and full of coffee and sleep, you can even turn the organization of the new storage container and your child's playroom into a game. Allow your children to experiment with the dividers until they can make the right sized compartments for all the objects they are trying to put away. 

This way, you can present the new storage container as an extension of their playtime, and explain that everything must be stored inside when they are finished playing, in order to protect them from their father, and certain doom. Click the image to examine this container in further detail.

Small Plastic Divider Box

Partition Boxes In the Kitchen

Cooks at home also like using plastic divider boxes, especially when there is limited space in the kitchen. Instead of allowing all your spice bottles to roam about freely inside your cabinet, inefficiently determining their own arrangement, you can store them inside a designated kitchen-based partition box so that you'll always know where to find what you need. 

These special storage containers are ideal for spice storage in that they are airtight and will lock the flavors in for longer, especially if you keep some of your spices loose in bags. 

Partition Boxes in the Bathroom

These partition boxes are a no-brainer for the messy and cluttered bathroom inhabitant. Keep your cosmetics neatly ordered for the next big night out and stop wasting time combing your crusty shelves for mascara pens and jars of expensive lady goop. Keep your expensive lady goop in plastic divider boxes and you'll always know where to find it. 

Plastic Divider Boxes in the Office

Whether you work at an office or at home, you will find that these special storage containers make filing so much simpler. You can find boxes that are specially designed to accomodate hanging file folders. The great thing about getting your own customizable partition boxes is that you can make the different sections as small or as large as you need them to be. Click the image to learn more about this media storage box.


If you don't have many administrative files, that section can be thin. If you have loads of maintenance records to keep track of, you can expand the maintenance records section to accomodate your needs. 

These special boxes really shine when it comes to managing files and records that need to be transported or swapped out regularly. Instead of having to dig out a massive wad of files from your static metal filing cabinet each time, you can just pick up your plastic partition box, flip the lid closed and be on your way. 

Heck, what's even better when it comes to life with kids is that plastic divider boxes may be simple and cheap, but they can provide hours upon hours of entertainment. They can be stacked into forts, formed into makeshift furniture, or instantly turned into trasure chests that will require all manner of hunting and searching activities. The possibilities with plastic divider boxes really are endless, and you would be amazed at just how much amusement the average child can derive from these simple storage containers.