Plastic Drum Pallets for Shipping 55 Gallon Drums Safely and Easily

Plastic drum pallets are highly specialized pallets made from plastic and featuring specially recessed surfaces that can accommodate 55 gallon drums, an industrial standard size of barrel. Pallets are used for storing and shipping extremely large or heavy loads and items, and are designed in such a way as to simultaneously hold tremendous weight, yet also allow a worker with a simple pallet jack or a forklift to easily move and rearrange these pallets on their own. Plastic pallets are some of the most essential pieces of equipment in any industry that requires storing extremely heavy or oversized items in warehouses and other storage spaces. When it comes time to move a plastic drum pallet from a one area of a warehouse to another or from storage to an awaiting freight truck, one or two workers can quickly grab the pallet using a pallet jack and move it into the truck so it can be shipped.

Plastic drum pallets are further specialized types of pallets. These pallets are specifically designed for moving and storing 55 gallon drums full of liquids, dry goods, or powders. 55 Gallon drums are very commonly shipped long distances and on international freight vessels, which means it is important that any business that deals in products transported via 55 gallon drums be ready and well equipped to store and move their drums safely and quickly. Although you can stack and ship 55 gallon drums on traditional wooden pallets, problems can arise when the turbulence of sea or air transport can disturb the 55 gallon drums and cause them to get loose or spill some of their contents. This can be extremely costly as well as dangerous, depending upon the contents of the 55 gallon drums. Customers do not want to receive product that has been damage or has leaked during transport, and if the material happens to be corrosive or combustible you could have a serious problem on your hands. For these reasons, plastic drum pallets were invented to make transporting 55 gallon drums more secure and reliable.

Plastic drum pallets achieve this with their unique recessed comparments that55 gallon drums can sit down into, thus ensuring a more snug and secure fit. When plastic drum pallets are shipped, their 55 gallon drums will stay in place far more reliably than if traditional wooden pallets were used. This makes plastic drum pallets the ideal purchase for any warehouse or business that deals with large 55 gallon drum shipments. These can include beverage makers and distributors, fuel and chemical manufacturers, and dry goods producers as well. Plastic drum pallets are inexpensive, costing about $75 each depending on how many you buy at once. If you opt to buy your plastic drum pallets in bulk, you will get a considerable break on the per unit price. The other advantage to shipping with plastic drum pallets is that they don't have to be heat treated or fumigated prior to shipping. Traditional wooden pallets often require heat treatment before being shipped long distances to prevent splintering and weakening as they encounter temperature fluctuations along their route. Fumigation is also required for wooden pallets because so many different pests love to make wood their home and can quickly demolish all the wooden pallets underneath an expensive load.