Plastic EnvelopesPlastic envelopes are being used in many industries. For example, the auto repair industry uses these envelopes/pouches to put their repair orders into while they repair the car. The envelope provides visibility while protecting the document inside. These envelopes are also being used in the medical field to send documents inter-department, people store credit cards and pictures, and the insurance industry puts policies in them for their clients. They have a wide variety of uses for the general public and the business sector. The seemingly most important use is protecting the document or item within the envelope. To add to this important feature is the numerous ways to close or seal the pouch/envelope. Luckily, even with all the features finding the right product for you or your business is relatively simple.

Purchasing these ready to use plastic mailing envelopes is an easy task. Many of the envelope producers provide a vast product line. These pouches/envelopes come in a multitude of sizes ranging from 2" x 3" all the way to 30" x 60". They are manufactured in poly or vinyl plastics including clear , white, and various other colors. A plastic envelope can be purchased with an open side, zip lock, with various sealing features, half open, all closed, and a myriad of other features. They also come with full visibility as clear plastic envelopes, low visibility white envelopes, and no visibility (Colored or Matte White).

The simplest way to view, choose features, and purchase your specific envelope or pouch is through the internet. With today's technology the internet provides a large choice of envelope manufacturers that are willing to help you with every feature you desire. If you have any questions relating to their products they generally have a fast way to contact them either through an 800 number or an email address.

When buying plastic envelopes for you or your business you have to entertain several options or features before deciding on the specific product for your use. First, decide what it is that you will be primarily inserting into the envelope. Does it have to be completely sealed or are you sending it throughout the department? Second, depending on what is being sent determines the size of the envelope. For example, sending 8 1/2" x 11" standard memos from one department to another would preclude that you would like a 9" x 12" envelope. If the information is to be private then you would probably want it to be white or colored and possibly have a temporary sealing feature. Lastly, how often do you use these envelopes? This will determine if you'd like to buy a dozen or 100 at a time. Then you can easily shop by price and quantity for your specific product .

As a side note, buy plastics that can be recycled. Go Green!