Barbie is definitely the most famous doll to EVER be created; however, her identity doesn’t go much farther than that! There aren’t many other representations of her...she is basically known as the main doll that young girls choose to play with! However, someone came up with the brilliant idea of allowing people to dress up as this legendary plastic doll, and that’s how the Barbie costume ideas were formed!

Why would a doll be so popular with children and not diversify to other forms of merchandise?

The truth of the matter is that nobody knows what took the company this long to release the Barbie in costume form; however, many girls are glad that they did!

Creating A Homemade Barbie Costume To Wear On Halloween

You can actually dress up as Barbie using some of the clothes that you already have in your closet! The truth of the matter is that Barbie wears everyday clothes, so you should definitely have most of the products lying around your house!

In order to make a do-it-yourself Barbie costume, you should:

-Wear a fancy pink dress. Barbie’s clothes aren’t overly expensive, but they’re definitely elegant! Choose the best-looking pink dress that you own, and you should be fine!

-Paint your nails with pink nail polish. If you haven’t guessed it already, pink is definitely this doll’s favourite color, so all of the best Barbie costume ideas incorporate pink wherever possible!

-Choose some fashion accessories that guessed it...PINK! Take a glance at the huge selection of pink costume jewellery on Amazon, and I’m sure that you’ll find something that suits your budget!

-Use eye shadow, lipstick, blush, and foundation to make your face look as much like Barbie’s as possible! I would recommend incorporating some pink into the face makeup, but be sure to use some other colors to contrast with the pink outfit that you are wearing!

As you can see, most of the things that are involved in creating this homemade Barbie costume can be found in your home or purchased at a store for a low price! I would recommend going with the do-it-yourself option if you are trying to create this costume on a budget!

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Dress Up As The Different Variations Of Barbie!

Barbie dolls were only available in one style when they first came out; however, they quickly progressed to incorporating a wide variety of styles, outfits, and scenarios! You can choose to dress up as a version of Barbie that is not the ever-so-popular “princess” one.

Some of the options include:

-Glampira Barbie: This is the vampire version of the doll and basically involves throwing on a cape over top of the costume that you are wearing!

-Barbie Merliah: This is the mermaid version of the doll that has been growing in popularity over the past few years! It is a princess-looking costume that incorporates dorsal fins at the bottom of the pink skirt!

-Rockin’ Barbie- This version of the costume has a lot to do with the scenario that was chosen. The costume depicts a Barbie doll rocking out with a microphone at a concert, and is definitely the perfect costume choice for parties!

Barbie And Ken-The Perfect Couples’ Costumes

Nothing can compete with heading to a Halloween party with your spouse. Some couples choose to dress up as completely separate characters, and others choose to relate their costumes in one way or another! Barbie and Ken costume ideas are perfect for the couples that want to dress up as two characters that are directly related!

The girl can dress up as Barbie using any of the ideas that are listed above, and the man can dress up as Ken using the instructions that are listed below.

-Put on a pair of khakis that have a relaxed fit to them, and throw on a pair of black leather sandals!

-Choose your cleanest white button-down shirt and wear it with the top 2 or 3 buttons undone! Be careful when wearing this costume to work because it can easily become “unacceptable”.

-Slick your hair back with some gel, and ensure that you have a clean-shaven face!

Heading to your local Halloween party while being dressed up as Barbie and Ken will surely attract a lot of attention. What will make these costumes even better is acting like the two characters by being very “lovey” towards each other!

There are tons of Barbie costume ideas that you can choose to use when heading out for Halloween or to a local party. You can choose to create your own costume using the clothes and accessories that you have in your house, or purchase one from an online store like Amazon where they have a ton of Barbie costumes to choose from. The choice is yours; however, I would recommend going with the option that suits your budget and needs!